Pack Smart on Your Next Trip with These Tips


packsmartPacking for a trip can be intimidating. You may just want to grab all the clothes in your closet and dump them into your suitcase, but that isn’t going to help. You’ll just wind up with way more than you’ll need on the trip, an overweight suitcase and clothes that don’t make sense for where you’re going. Instead of packing everything, follow these tips on how women can pack smart.

Not Your Best If you’re going on a beach getaway, getting back to nature, or know that you’ll be walking around a lot in either hot or cold temperatures you won’t need to pack your best clothes for this trip. The exception is if you’re going on a business trip or if you plan on going out to eat in nice restaurants while you’re away.

Shoes and Socks You love your shoes, but you can’t bring them all along with you on this trip. Take something comfortable for walking around in and something nice and that’s it. If you’re heading to a beach, you can buy a pair of flip flops when you get there. Don’t bring too many pairs of socks. You can wash your used pairs out in the sink and leave them to dry overnight instead of taking up too much space when you pack.

Accessorize Since you’re going to be packing light, you’ll be wearing your outfits more than once. You need to find ways to make these few outfits stand out and that means accessorizing. Make sure to pack a scarf or two, different light weight jewelry like bracelets and earrings, and a few different shades of make up. You’ll feel like you look a little bit different even if you are wearing the same clothes.

Plan for the Weather The weather is different all around the world, so know where you’re going. Don’t take what you don’t need. If you’re traveling someplace that is warm during the day and chilly at night make sure you pack for both times of the day. A button shirt makes a lot of sense because you can always wear it open with something underneath to adjust to different temperatures.

Feminine Hygiene Instead of pads or tampons, pack a Ruby Cup or DivaCup to minimize the amount of packing you have to do, the space taken up in your bag, and the amount of garbage you’re going to make.

Don’t Check Luggage If you really want to travel light—and cut down on the risk that you’ll lose anything—try limiting yourself to just your carry on bag. This is going to mean taking only what you need, but you’d be surprised how much you can manage on only a limited amount of clothes. Most airlines allow you one carry on bag and one personal item—this usually means a purse or a back pack. That basically amounts to another carry on bag!