How to Work In Travel: Your Dream Job Awaits


freelance-freedomSome people were simply born to travel. The itch to see and explore new places is innately within them, and cannot be relieved. For these people, seeing new places and cultures is a thrill, and a necessity. The idea of remaining stagnant in one place, one city, is unthinkable and unbearable.

For these people, sitting at a desk day after day for their routine job is painful. They daydream about Safaris in Africa and the rolling country sides of New Zealand as they type up their memos, completely miserable. But they don’t have to be. Does this sound like you? You don’t have to be either. You can make travel your professional career. You don’t need to sacrifice income and a comfortable lifestyle in order to travel the world.

The idea of leaving your job to fulfill your dreams in an industry that is completely new to you may sound daunting, but there are resources that will make your switch a complete breeze. How To Work In Travel is a definitive guide to how the travel industry works, and exactly how you can land a job in it. The guide provides you with every single facet of the travel industry, in a step-by-step format that is easy to understand.

With the guide, you will:

  • Learn the industry: The guide is 147 pages of information on all aspects of the travel industry. It provides you with explanations of important travel industry trends, cutting edge information sources, and detailed explanations of over 100 travel industry terms.
  • Meet the players: Learn the details of tour operator and travel agent careers, as well as the hospitality industry. The guide will also teach you about the support structures of the travel industry, as well as provide you with detailed information on the function of government organizations.
  • Start the search: The guide provides complete sample travel job descriptions, along with detailed salary guides. It gives you access to calendars of all major global travel trade shows, as well as listing and tourism contact information for 180 different countries.
  • Make a good impression: The guide contains sample resumes so you know exactly how to structure your own and how to best present your travel, study abroad and any other skills. It also provides you with an overview of how to utilize social media platforms.

If you love to travel, start making money doing what you love. A dream job in travel is not as much of a “dream” as you think it is. Click here, and become passionate about your work.