Don’t Let Pricey Lodging Costs Stop You From Seeing The World!


Travel-MMost people enjoy travelling, and with a world as diverse, beautiful, and unique as this, who could blame them. Every single country is special and engaging in its own way. Yet ask anyone which 10 countries they want to see before they die, and they probably won’t even be able to answer you. Even if they can answer you, the chances that they’ll actually visit those places are slim to none. Why? Travel costs alone are so outrageous, that travelling anywhere without friends or family to host you is simply unthinkable. But what if you had friends in every corner of the globe? What if you could travel the world, and have somewhere to stay each place you went, no matter how far or remote? What if hotel and lodging prices were no longer an obstacle between you and the vacation of your dreams? What if you really could satisfy your itch to explore, without breaking your bank? Sound too good to be true?

It’s not!

There are networks that allow you to connect with people from around the globe in order to coordinate free lodging, making the trips of your dreams realities. One of the most popular of these networks is Micasa Club. Micasa Club is a global travel and free lodging network which provides you endless travel options. It is powered by sharing, constantly growing, and gives you limitless possibilities. There are two ways in which the free lodging aspect of the network works:

Free Lodging

1. Guest-Host: This is where one member (The Guest) is invited to stay in the home of another member (the host)

Note: This type of arrangement is ideal for members who have met on the Micasa Club website. It gives them an opportunity to meet in person, and the comfort of knowing they have someone nearby who is familiar with the surroundings if they are visiting an unfamiliar place.

2. Home Exchange: This is a home swap, where two members exchange homes for a specified amount of time.

Note: This type of arrangement is ideal for members who have already completed a guest-host arrangement and are comfortable with their new friends, and the places that they will be visiting.

Micasa Club now has over 3,118 profiles in their member directory, all waiting to share their homes with you. Simply sign up for Micasa Club, get added to their directory, and you will have access to all of the profiles. If you have somewhere specific you want to go in mind, you can easily search for other Micasa Club members on the member map. The best part is, it’s completely free. Sign up and receive instant access to the member map, send messages to other members, meet new people, make new friends, set up exciting travel arrangements, and more! If you need some extra funds for the travel costs of the trip, simply share Micasa Club and put yourself in the running for hundreds of dollars each month! It sounds too good to be true, but it’s not.