15 World’s Most Expensive Cities

1. Zurich, Switzerland

Trying to figure out where what city you want to explore to for the next chapter in your life? Or maybe you have already checked out a collection of living costs from online surveys like Expatistan but have many questions on why there are some cities that have higher living costs than others? There are cities that have certain things that other cities might have, for example, large capital cities have the capacity to employ workers with higher wages than smaller cities. The wage gaps between large cities and small cities can cause a difference in living costs for food, electricity, water, transportation, etc.

Here we will cover 15 of the most expensive cities and why they are expensive.

The average take-home pay is $5,600 per month for a normal working joe. However, Zurich is a bad place to visit (unless you have enough funds). Expect to pay around $90-115 a day for living, food, and walking instead of public transportation.

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