10 Weird International Airport Facts

apWhen your next flight gets delayed take a good look at the airport around you, and you might notice one of these or another weird fact about your surroundings – lots of unusual stuff is going on behind-the-scenes!



1. Chicago’s O’Hare airport is the busiest in the world, based on number of passengers as well as takeoffs and landings. Outside of the US, Dubai holds the title.

2. The world’s tallest control tower overlooks Thailand’s New Bangkok International Airport from 434 feet in the sky.

3. Saudi Arabia’s King Fahd International Airport sits on 192,000 acres of land – the size of some small countries.


4. In the Caribbean, the island of Saba has the world’s smallest official airport, with a runway only 1,299 feet long, too small for most commercial aircraft.

5. Airports that had two-letter abbreviations got an “X” added to their initials during the international standardization of airport codes, giving us airports like LAX.

6. Bored at the airport?  Hong Kong’s International Airport boasts a nine-hole golf course next to Terminal 2.


7. Amsterdam is the home of Rembrandt’s legacy. Amsterdam’s Schiphol Airport is the actual home of some very important Dutch Master paintings, in its annex of the Rijks.

8. Oddly, the Sao Paulo/Guarulhos airport is home to an in-house dentist, who offers travelers cleaning, whitening, and other services.

9. Need a dose of liquid courage to calm your fear of flying? In Nashville, it’s not a problem. The airport has a property-wide liquor license, which means that you can carry your cocktail all the way to the gate.

10. The Colorado Springs Airport features a “pot amnesty box” for travelers to dump their unused drugs before boarding – consequence free.