Why Is It So Hard For Some Women To Be Successful In Life?

maxresdefaultWhy is it that some women seem to have it all, but other women struggle to make even basic ends meet? Are the successful women really all that more deserving than everyone else? The short answer to that question, thankfully, is no. The long answer is a bit more complicated, according to the new book by Heather Matthews called Manifestation Miracle.

Manifestation Miracle says that there is a real difference between the appearance of success and actually being successful in life. Most women are running on empty trying to make their lives better. It turns out that feeling tired, at the end of your rope, or burned out can bother even women who seem to have the lives that other women would kill for. The truth is that with the stress of a full time job and the burdens of having to handle so much responsibility, those seemingly successful women are actually pushing themselves way too hard. Some of them are at the breaking point.

Heather Matthews knows that this is the case because it is exactly what happened to her. The more success she had keeping all the balls up in the air—her marriage, her finances, her job, her happiness—the more it felt like they were all about to fall. This is the position that so many women find themselves in today, and it’s exactly why they never get what they want out of life. The stress of it all can lead to depression, anxiety, weight gain, and other mood related disorders, all of which can make finding success impossible.

But Heather discovered another way. Manifestation Miracle shows women that there is a way to get everything that they ever wanted, simply by adjusting their attitudes to expect those things to happen in their lives. There’s no hard work involved because that is the kind of energy that only keeps good things from happening in your life. Desperate effort can never attract real success. It’s one of the fundamental rules of the law of attraction, the secret that powers Manifestation Miracle.

Understanding how the law of attraction works means being able to actively generate abundance. Once you let go of the stress that undermines your ability to have a great job, a loving partner, good friends, a healthy life, and lots of money with ease, those things can finally come to you.

The law of attraction needs certain things to be in place before its abundance-creating powers can be effective. Manifestation Miracle calls this technique “Destiny tuning” and it’s the one reason that the law of attraction may not have worked for you in the past. You were trying much too hard to see results—adding to the stress keeping you from being happy. It’s time to stop struggling, and let positive, powerful feelings invite success and happiness into your life.

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