Five Ways You and Your BFF Changed After Kids


dv708017When you’re young it seems like you and your BFF will not only be friends forever, but that your relationship will always stay the same. Well, life changes like getting married and having kids tend to change the picture a bit. Here are the top five ways that best friends change after marriage and kids.

1. Bar vs. Park
Before you were a mommy you and your BFF used to party all night at the local drinking hole or hottest new club. Not anymore! Now get-togethers take place at the local playground or park – where there is definitely no alcohol involved.

2. Selfies vs. Babies
Selfies were your favorite way to mark a fun night out or random, silly moment with your BFF. These days, your cell phone’s photo album is full of shots of your kids. Tons of them. Endless photos of kids. Kids in cute outfits. Kids eating. Kids playing. Kids with other kids. You get the idea.

3. Weights vs. Baby Carriages
Before marriage and kids, you and your BFF would enjoy a hardcore workout at the gym, including weights, the treadmill and maybe spinning. Now, an energetic session of pushing strollers in the park is as aerobic as it gets.


4. Keg parties vs. Kindergarten parties
You and your BFF used to throw alcohol-fueled parties at your sorority or shared apartment. Now, you help each other pick out balloons, clowns and gifts for your kids’ themed birthday parties.


5. College vs. Pre-school
Back in the day, you and your BFF discussed classes, awful professors and crazy dorm life. Now, the latest pre-school gossip keeps you busy over cappuccino or green juice.