Unblock Your Creative Energy!

Whether you’re an author, painter, copywriter or personal assistant, you rely on creativity to some degree. Creative energy does not only refer to performing a specific activity but the attitude that allows people to make the best of every situation.

Sometimes one can feel that their energy is blocked. Times like these can be characterized by negative thinking, sadness and argumentativeness. Does any of this sound familiar? If you feel like you are blocked and want to unlock your creative energy, here are some tips:

1. Get moving

Taking a quick jog, dancing to your favorite Taylor Swift tune, doing a few jumping jacks or practicing a little yoga will boost the energy in your body and can help with blocked creativity. Burning a few calories never hurt anyone.

2. Engage the senses

When you’re feeling stuck, take a few moments to notice your surroundings. Make sure to use ALL of your five senses. Notice colors, sounds, and smells. This method of focused attention can help with creative energy.

3. Feed the brain

Pamper yourself, even just a little bit. This might mean eating a delicious, decadent treat or spoiling yourself with a clean, healthy dose of vegetables and fruit. Nourishment gives the mind energy and can be just what you need to get the creative juices flowing.

4. Perform a ritual

A daily ritual could take any kind of form: reciting a mantra, organizing your bathroom shelf, journaling or prayer. Whatever it is, the repetition of a ritual can help keep you centered and focused.

5. Seek the muse

Do whatever it is that inspires you. This could range from a walk in the hills near your house to watching a concert or cuddling with your kids. Sometimes we need to give our creative energy a kick start. Seek out the books, films, places, and people that make your mind tick.

6. Give thanks

In times of stress, taking the focus away from yourself can often give you perspective and a feeling of thankfulness. Try doing this by writing a well-deserved letter to someone or simply calling your mom or grandmother to share a nice conversation.