How to be a More Magnetic Person

“Magnetic” in this sense does not refer to attracting metal objects, although that would be cool. Although not scientific, magnetism is also an irresistible force that can bring people and things into your life. Often, the type of energy you give off into the universe determines what kinds of things will come your way. Many people have a natural magnetism, while others need to cultivate it. Here are a few tips on how to be more magnetic and attract positive things into your life:

1. Get some rest

Oftentimes our work and family schedules leave us drained, and therefore very un-magnetic. Start getting enough good-quality sleep if you want to radiate more magnetic energy, and generally feel better.

2. Get natural

Spending more time in nature – be it in a park, on a hike, or around animals – will bring out your own positive energy and help to relax and center you.

3. Dismiss

In order to become more magnetic, it helps to rid your life of excess. This could refer to physical objects, clutter in your house, or relationships and situations that diminish your spiritual and emotional wellbeing. Follow the Buddhist way of thinking and minimize the things in your life. Getting rid of excess and emotional baggage will allow you to give off optimal magnetism.

4. Love it

Make time once a day, week or month to do the things that you really love. Nobody can work ALL the time. Time spent being passionate will cultivate a glowing, happy energy within you that people will notice.

5. Listen

Our social media culture has made it seem acceptable for us to express ourselves, our opinions and our private images, non-stop. Expressing your opinions is great. However, many people are naturally attracted to a good listener. Try to share a bit less and make an effort to listen to the stories people tell about themselves – it will draw people closer to you. A good listener quickly and effortlessly makes people feel seen, appreciated and comfortable.