Change Your Outlook When You Can’t Change Your Situation

Often we find ourselves in less than desirable situations that, like it or not, are not fixable or changeable. Whether it’s related to geographical location, financial stability or otherwise, life changes must often happen slowly and are beyond our control. Albert Ellis, an American psychologist, argued that people react to events based on how they view the events, not their actual substance.

So, what can we control? The way we look at things. Here are a few tips to help you change your perception and attitude:

1. Admit defeat

In order to improve your outlook, you must first admit that you’re unhappy. There’s certainly no shame in that. Stop deluding yourself or wearing rose-colored glasses. Taking an honest assessment of the situation is the first step.

2. Choose optimism

Most situations are neither completely bad nor do they force a pessimistic outlook on their subjects. You can always find the positives of a situation if you try hard enough. Making a choice to be optimistic is a way of life and will always bring a better mood than the alternative.

3. Surround yourself

Making an effort to be around happy, healthy people with a positive vibe will only make you feel better. Pay attention to what makes them “positive” people and try to emulate that behavior.

4. Daily affirmation.

Wake up every morning and realize how lucky you are already, no matter what the day will bring later on. You can express this joy and appreciation using a prayer, phrase or mantra or singing a favorite song – whatever works. This will focus your energy in a positive way and affect your subconscious mind.

5. Positive language

We don’t realize the power of language to change our perception of reality. Using terms like “I hope,” or “Everything will be okay,” can tremendously affect your attitude and emotions.

Whenever you are next faced with a situation you find to be crappy, remember these tips for changing your perception and uplifting your spirits. Hopefully, with time, you will notice a change in your overall attitude.