5 Ways to Make Sure You Stick To Your New Year’s Resolution


resolutionsEvery year it seems as if the same thing happens with your New Year’s resolution. You promise yourself you’re going to do something, and for a while it seems like you’re going to actually make it work. But at some point, everything goes wrong.

Maybe you let it slide once too many times until it seems silly to go on. Maybe you had to put your resolution on hold and then forgot about it, or told yourself too much time had passed to take it back up. Whatever the reason, here you are again, staring down another new year and another resolution. Here’s how you can make this year different and actually stick to what you promised yourself.

There’s An App For That

Don’t underestimate how useful the technology tucked in your purse can be in helping to keep your New Year’s resolution on track. You should load your phone up with apps that can keep your resolution going for the rest of the year. Visit the App Store on your iPhone or iPad or the Google Play Store on your Android device to find the apps that fit your resolution best.

Educate Yourself About Your Resolution

Finding out a little bit more about the project that you’re undertaking with your New Year’s resolution can help make it a lot easier to stick to it. Try to find some books that can teach you more about what you’re trying to do. Even a quick Google search can turn up helpful information that can make your understand what’s at stake in your resolution.

Get Organized

When things get out of control and you lose track of the details, you are more likely not to care about what you’re doing. Organizing your progress can keep you going. Try making an Excel sheet that tracks all of your achievements. Create a calendar that you can update with fun colors on a dry-erase whiteboard. Start logging the progress that you make in a notebook or in a blog. These kind of secondary tasks not only help you stay focused, they also provide reinforcement for your resolution.

Partner Up

Sticking to a resolution can be lonely going. Sometimes it feels as if you’re all alone. An easy way to make your resolution go easier is to find other people who are going through the same thing. Make a connection with someone you see doing the same thing as you. Reach out and join like-minded groups on Facebook, Twitter, and other places online.

Look Behind You to Move Ahead

In a lot of ways making a resolution is like asking yourself who you want to be in the future, and that’s never an easy question to answer. If that person is different that how you are now or were in the past, take a look back at yourself in pictures and in old mementos to remind yourself how much you don’t want to go back there.