5 Things You’re Much Better Off Buying Used


16947055_m-740x400When people need to make purchases, whether large-ticket items or small, they don’t necessarily consider purchasing that item used. If the thought does end up crossing their mind, they tend to think that finding somewhere to purchase a used item is too much of a hassle, or that the item won’t be in the best shape. Whatever the reason, they don’t bother, and head straight for the racks of shiny new things, with price tags to match. What these people don’t realize is that when it comes to certain items, there is no point paying full price. For certain items you can find equal quality with second-hand, and for a fraction of the cost. And with sites like Craigslist and eBay, finding those items couldn’t be easier.  Why pay full price when you could be saving loads of money?

Here are 7 items that you would be much better off buying used:

1. Cars:  The new car smell is unforgettable, but what’s even more unforgettable is the fact that the minute you drive a brand new car off a lot, it’s value drops automatically by about 20%. You lose 20% in the first few spins of the wheel alone! Unless you have unlimited resources, buying a used car is a clear economical choice. If you’re worried about being able to tell how much a car is worth, check out a site like Kelley Blue Book so you have an idea of just how much you should be paying before you drive it off the lot. In addition, insurance is usually a lot less on used cars than new cars. You can find a car in excellent condition that’s a few years old, with a few miles of experience under its belt. Definitely worth the savings.

2. Textbooks: These days, even high school text books for advanced courses can run you more than $200 dollars. Most likely, at the end of the semester, that $200 will end up sitting at the bottom of a pile of junk in the corner of a room, collecting dust. For college students or medical students, textbooks can cost up to $1000 per semester! Don’t waste money on a new textbook. You can find used textbooks in excellent condition without scribbles on the pages, or anything that will interfere with studies. Choose to either rent, borrow, or buy your text book second hand for some serious savings. Some of the best sites to find these books are Amazon’s Book Rental, Swap.com, and Chegg.com

3. Children’s Clothing: Most people own at least one piece of second hand clothing, or have received a hand-me-down from one of their relatives. There’s no reason your children shouldn’t. Kids sprout up like bean stalks, out-growing their clothing month by month. Why spend money on brand new items that are just going to get tossed in the attic by the end of the year, or stained with baby mash or hot chocolate? Most reputable thrift shops have children’s sections. Browse around, pick out what you like, and just throw it in the wash before the first use. If you can’t find anything to your taste in a thrift shop, give a site like swapbabygoods.com a try.

4. Furniture: It’s no secret that furniture is pricey, and if you’re in the process of furnishing a new space with new furniture, prepare for your wallet to be drained. However, it doesn’t have to be that way. Craigslist is a goldmine for used furniture. If you’re worried about the furniture being worn, just set up a time to go see it before you make the purchase. Flea markets are also excellent places for used furniture shopping. Flea markets also tend to have very unique pieces, that you wouldn’t be able to find in your department store.

5. Children’s Toys: Just like your children will physically outgrow their clothing at a rapid pace, they will mentally outgrow their toys even quicker. Kids have short attention spans when it comes to their toys. What’s the apple of their eye one day, will be tossed to the side the next. Instead of shelling out big bucks each time they’re on to the next one, go for used options. Try sites like Craigslist and eBay, or visit any garage or estate sales going on in your area. Your little one won’t be able to tell that their new race car actually had a different driver before them.