20 Signs Your Life Isn’t as Bad as You Think



1. You wake up to a job

You might not love your job, or you might not earn as good a salary as you should. Those problems can all be fixed. For the time being, be happy that you have a job at all – lots of people don’t. The 2008 Wall Street crash set job markets around the world back two decades. If you’re working right now, your daily schedule is full and challenging – much healthier than sitting home with nothing but negative thoughts.

2. Your bills are paid

This is an achievement in and of itself. You might take this for granted but there are many people that live in a constant state of debt. If your bills are paid and your cable and electricity are turned on, you’re already doing well.

3. You have doubts

The fact that you’re reading this article and doubting the quality of your life shows that you are a thinking, concerned individual that engages in examining your own life, like a philosopher. Think about all the ignorant people who don’t ask themselves the tough questions you’re dealing with…

4. Full refrigerator

If you’ve got food in your fridge and on your table, you’re in a better position than the 90% of the world population that is either undernourished or outright starving. Have you been depressed because you feel like you need to diet? Think about the alternative.

5. The little things

Whether it’s your favorite TV show, a delicious lunch or an evening outing with friends, the little things you enjoy in life are worth much more than you realize. Enjoy them.

6. Duds

You’ve seen the homeless folks in your city. While you are stressing about your last-season wardrobe our jealous because your colleague has a new designer bag, plenty of people don’t have the winter coat they need to stay warm during the colder months.

7. Thanks for being a friend

Don’t take for granted the countless benefits of having even one good friend: support, fun, advice and someone to complain about your crappy life with.

8. Time

You’re down because you realized that you’re getting older and your face is even showing signs of it. Well, growing older has also brought you priceless experience and wisdom that there’s no other way to obtain. You made mistakes, learned your lessons, and hopefully won’t make them again.

9. You’re a survivor

Remember high school? Perhaps you were bullied, had a rocky relationship with your family or were just confused. Was college, with its endless exams, really difficult? Well, guess what? You survived it all. That’s an accomplishment in itself.

10. Perspective

You’re an aware, somewhat objective person that is able to criticize themselves and use that information toward a positive outcome. Be thankful for the perspective that allows you to identify what’s wrong in your current situation.

11. Loved & lost

If you’ve experienced love and heartbreak, then you’ve been through the most powerful, enriching and inspiring ordeal known to man – the subject of almost every song and book in existence. While relationships can be tough and painful, think about how lucky you are to have experienced them.

12. Sleep sound

Whether you’re living in your old room at your folks home or a cool downtown bachelor pad, you’ve got a roof over your head.

13. You’ve got goals

Many people say that even more important than reaching your desired goal is the fact that you’re willing and able to be making constant progress towards it – a healthy way to live your life. Even if you’re tired, don’t give up.

14. Independent women

There is a lot to be said for a person who can take care of themselves, wake up on time, prepare a meal, help a friend, raise a child or care for a pet.