12 Common Dreams, Explained

luminescent_dream_by_antoshines-d6on8nm850Humanity has always been obsessed with understanding dreaming and dreams. Psychoanalyst Sigmund Freud wrote the book “The Interpretation of Dreams” in 1899, outlining his ideas of what dreams were and what they meant. It includes ideas that forever change dour culture, including the idea of the Oedipus complex. Since then, however, and despite its many amazing modern breakthroughs and discoveries, science has still not exactly explained what dreams are. Much less does it have a concrete idea of what they mean, in a logical way. Psychology tries to understand their implications, but they largely remain an unsolved mystery. While there are varying opinions on what certain things symbolize in the unconscious, there are also certain commonly-accepted ideas. Here they are:


Falling in a dream is considered something of a warning, commonly dreamt by people who are experiencing a problem at work or home.

Losing teeth

If teeth are a symbol of power and strength, losing them from your mouth can symbolize a loss of confidence or control. Some dream experts see teeth as a bad omen, symbolizing broken relationships. Freud famously described this dream as signaling a woman’s desire to get pregnant or a man’s wish to be sexually stimulated.

Naked arrival

This dream adequately expresses one’s anxiety or fear regarding a particular situation.

Dream test

Taking tests in a dream is a sign of obsessive-compulsive disorder or perfectionism. This dream acts as a reminder for its dreamer to stay alert and on guard. It can be a result of work or school-related stress.

Dream death

This wish symbolizes its dreamer’s wish to end something in their lives: a relationship, job or choice. It does not relate literally to death itself. It should be a sign to dreamers that it’s time to start a new chapter.

Celebrity encounter

Meeting a famous person in a dream is a very common motif. Depending on who the celebrity is and what they mean in the life of the dreamer, this could have many interpretations. In general, famous people symbolize a desire for attention in the dream lexicon.

Cut to the chase

This dream often feels like a nightmare, but is actually a positive symbol. It should signify to its dreamer that the time has come to face a problem that he or she has been avoiding. Experts notice that this theme is more common for women than men.

Unfaithful lover

Do not assume that this type of dream is an accurate reflection of reality – that’s a dangerous stretch. Usually, these types of dreams occur when a partner feels neglected or unloved by their significant other. It can also point to a lack of trust in a romantic relationship.

Late arrival

This dream is an indication that its dreamer is feeling overwhelmed and stressed out.


Flying in a dream points to an out-of-control situation in real life.

Dream pregnancy

Despite the positive connotations of real pregnancy, dream pregnancy points to the existence of a problem in the unconscious. It might also signify a desire to start a new project or focus on new ideas.

Out-of-control car

Much as you might expect, this dream symbol points to an existing situation in life which is not under control. It points to a bad habit or situation that might be about to get much worse if not addressed.