10 Ways to Tap Your Intuition


head-vs-heart850Our culture has trained us to live in fear of the unknown. We buy life insurance, enormous SUVs and guns, all in case something terrible should happen. Capitalism attempts to put a value on everything that goes right or wrong in the world (the stock market) and governments promise to guard us from eventual disaster. This is an unnatural and impossible way to live. Unfortunately, existence is such that “bad” things, or uncontrollable events, will happen.

Rather than living in fear and putting up walls to guard yourself from misfortune, you can tap into your natural intuition – a compass that can guide you through life’s choices. Intuition must be cultivated – it doesn’t come too easily. Here are some tips to grow and strengthen your natural intuition:

1. Sensory use

Make a concentrated effort to always use all five of your senses – this will arouse, in turn, your sixth sense.

2. Meditation

Meditating will hopefully clear your mind of business and clutter, as well as cultivate inner quiet – making way for intuitive messages to become clear.

3. Test your guess

Start testing the feelings and sensations you have. What will the weather be like today? What numbers do you like for the lottery? Write down the sensations and intuitions you feel and check the record later on.

4. Into the woods

Start spending more time outside, in nature. Being in a natural setting will open up the mind and relax it, allowing it to be more receptive to intuitive messages.

5. Dream

While dreaming, your subconscious is freed from the shackles of the cognitive mind. The material which rises to the surface during sleep can be valuable intuitive messages in the form of dreams.

6. Switch it up

Take a day off. Explore your surroundings. Go away for the weekend. Putting yourself in new situations and surroundings makes your mind more alert and conscious.

7. Create

Doing creative activities – painting, writing, etc. – puts the cognitive mind to rest and starts the juices that can enhance intuition flowing.

8. Engage in conscious movement

Dancing, jogging and swimming can all calm the cognitive mind and make space for intuitive sensation.

9. Listen to your body

Very often your intuition tries to communicate through the physical body. Start to notice whether feelings of pain or discomfort could be messages about a certain decision or situation.

10. Go with your gut

The next time that you actually feel an intuition, act on it!