10 Life Hacks for Every Woman



Life hacks are shockingly simple tricks that make life easier and make you say, “Why didn’t I ever think of that?!” For those of us lacking some of the more useful skills in life – sewing, woodworking, etc. – hacks are especially useful.

Here are ten that’ll help you when you least expect it:

1. You can create a DIY shoe stretcher by inserting water-filled Ziploc bags into the shoes and sticking them in the freezer for half a day.

2. Clean dirty suede by rubbing it with a stale piece of bread crust

3. Give t-shirts a vintage feel by soaking them in a saltwater mixture for three days and then washing them clean.

4. Clean and shine patent leather pumps with window-cleaning spray.

5. A quick rub with a pumice stone will eliminate pills on a sweater or fleece.

6. Cheap jewelry can be coated with clear nail polish to prevent green residue on skin.

7. Prevent buttons falling off by coating them with the same clear nail polish.

8. Remove scuffs from purses and bags with baby powder.

9. Red wine stains can be removed by pouring white wine on them.

10. To give ripped jeans a new life, sew in lace inserts.