You Won’t Believe How These Celeb’s Kids Look Like, But… Does Talent Runs in The Family?

Dannielynn Birkhead – Anna Nicole Smith

If there was ever a time when the world was certain of the similarities between Dannielynn Birkhead and her mom, Anna Nicole Smith, it was when Dannielynn paid tribute to her mom by dressing in a family heirloom – the pink hat her mom wore at The Kentucky Derby in 2004 — Dannielynn wore the hat with a pink dress to match the headpiece for The Kentucky Derby of 2019. Larry Birkhead and his daughter have attended the derby for ten years in a row, and Larry generally coordinates his outfits with whatever his daughter is wearing, so naturally, this time around, he had to don something pink. Larry opted for a suit in baby pink – a bold choice, but they made quite the pair!

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