Want to Get Control In Your Relationship? Learn The Drama Method


drama_methodThe scariest part of being in a relationship is that you have to give up some control. But that can make you feel really unsafe. Give too much away and there’s a good chance the guy will walk all over you. What are women supposed to do to make sure their boyfriends or husbands treat them right? One best selling relationship book says that if you want to get control in your relationship, you only need one thing: drama.

The Drama Method tells you how to turn up the drama.

It makes sense. What draws us to act in a certain way is not the sensation we receive from the reward itself, but the need to alleviate the craving for the reward.

It’s the STRESS of DESIRE that compels us and that stress of desire is absolutely necessary to “hook” someone.

Think about movies for a second.

The reward in a movie that we crave is usually the good guy getting revenge on the bad guy, or the couple finally falling in love… or whatever. The best movies dial up that stress, drama, and anticipation to almost unbearable levels that have your eyes glued to the screen.

And during that period, your nucleus accubens (the pleasure center) is stimulated like crazy. It would be nearly impossible to pull you from the screen until you find out what happens. You’re hooked…

But, what happens the second time you watch that same movie? Or the third time? The anticipation, tension, and stress is not quite at the same level because you already know the ending, everything is now predictable. That pleasure center in your brain is just not being stimulated at that same level.

So let me ask you…

Did you ever have a man that started off very hot for you? He seemed to be hooked? Falling for you? And then BAM! – After a couple of dates he started pulling back and losing interest. Can you guess what happened?

The movie got too predictable too quickly and all the tension, stress, and anticipation was relieved too fast, which means that “pleasure center” nucleus accubens just isn’t getting stimulated and he starts experiencing the “Come Down”.

The “come down” is that moment you realize that its just not as good as it was. The high has worn off and its at that moment his mind turns towards another girl who will provide that tension, drama and anticipation he craves.

Drama is what relationships run on. Trying to find someone feels like the most dramatic part of your life. The hope, the expectation—the fail. Or maybe you lost control in a relationship because you never knew how to get what you wanted from that guy. You wound up not being happy, and he decided you weren’t worth it.

Why not use drama to help make a relationship work for a change?

The Drama Method says that it can show you how to make this work. It teaches you subtle tricks on how to attract men. It also explains how to reel your guy back in so you never get to the point where you risk losing him. This is about having a guy want you and want to please you because he knows you’re worth the drama.

There is a responsibility to having that kind of power, so there’s a warning we’ll attach to The Drama Method. Only use it on a guy who you really want to be with in a committed, serious relationship. You could use this kind of drama to string along a bunch of different guys—and all of those guys are going to want to be your only guy. That can’t happen, and that can lead to real drama: their broken hearts.

But maybe you want to have all those guys begging to make you happy. What matters to you is important too.

Just keep in mind that The Drama Method isn’t a toy. It will give you unbelievable power over those men you want to be with.

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