Top 5 Christmas Gifts For Him!


dude's presentAs we enter December and the leaves fall off the trees, the temperatures creep lower and lower, and sitting under a blanket with a steaming cup of hot chocolate becomes more and more appealing, Christmas is approaching! The holiday season truly does bring happiness, warmth, and cheer. But along with it comes hoards of impatient crowds, never-ending lines, and the stress of holiday gift shopping.

Shopping for men truly can be a difficult and confusing task. What does your sibling, or boyfriend, or even father really want. Well the good news is, there are 5 foolproof gifts, that the man in your life, no matter what role he holds, will LOVE.

Top 5 Christmas gifts for him, this year:

1. Timex Originals Classic Round Watch: Watches are a timeless gift for men, that will always hit the spot. This year, Timex has brought back their classic styles, while at the same time adding strong military cues for a modern touch. The round dial is classic and elegant, and the chronograph look is unforgettable. For 99 dollars, this gift is perfect for any man that you want to spoil with a gift he will love.

2. MeUndies: If you’re looking for something in a lower price range, MeUndies are the perfect find. The underwear is made from Lenzing Modal fabric and is offered in a wide variety of fun colors and prints. MeUndies also offer ultra-soft tees and patterned socks which you can throw in for a package gift.

Price: $20

3. Nike Fuel SE: For all of the athletic men in your life, the  Nike Fuel, a movement tracker, is the perfect gift. The new Nike fuel is complete with new features such as the ability to set hourly goals, and a more acute sensor. It also allows you to create sessions for activities where you don’t move your wrist as much, like yoga, or cycling. It is available in three different colors so you can keep fit in style.  The new Nike Fuel is THE hottest fitness device on the market right now

4. Kiehl’s Ultimate Man Refueling Set: Most men would not typically put skincare products at the top of their wishlists. However, most men will also admit that they need it just as much as women. Kiehl’s, one of the leaders in skin care products, has put together a gift pack with all of the skincare essentials a man could need. With face wash, body wash and scrub, shaving cream and lip balm, all in beautiful cobalt blue packaging, this gift is sure to satisfy.

Price: $144.70

5. Stelton Pure Black Knife: It’s no secret that men have a thing for knives and gadgets. Fulfill their need with something useful! Forged from a single piece of stainless steel, Stelton’s pure black knives are elegant and very moddern. The knife’s matte black coating both gives it grip, and unique style. Perfect for preparing meat, or anything else, men are sure to love this knife.

Pick any of these 5 items, and what’s waiting under the tree will surely make the man in your life happy!