Tips On Writing The Perfect Bride Speech


– Contributed by – John Wilson and Belinda Hamilton, authors of “Wedding speeches for all” and several other popular wedding speech books. 

RingsIf you are a bride-to-be preparing for her wedding, perhaps you may be wondering where to find examples of bride speeches for inspiration. At the end of this article, I’ll share with you an online resource that has personally helped me in writing my own bride speech on the day of my wedding.

But first, let me share with you a few points to help you write a bride speech easily:

Make it heartfelt.

Bride toasts are all about the bride’s expression of gratitude to her parents and family, to her husband’s family, to friends who have helped in making the wedding preparations an easier task and to all the guests who have taken their time to witness this joyous occasion.

Use interesting and memorable stories.

To make your speech entertaining it is always a good idea to include special moments shared by you and the groom in your speech. It could be the first time you met the groom or the first time the groom met your parents or any other interesting or funny incident of your courtship.

This will really interest the audience and make your speech humorous.

Bring a note.

Speaking from experience, I think every speaker for that matter, not just the bride, should have a note or cue cards with them just in case they get out of words.

Even when you think that you have memorised your speech, speaking in front of an audience can make anyone a bit nervous. When you start feeling nervous, you may forget what you have rehearsed and get lost in the middle of your speech.

Thus, it is advisable to bring with you small cue cards that will guide you through. Write down the names of the people you wish to thank personally. It is much better to glance at your notes from time to time rather than stare at the audience for minutes trying to gather your thoughts.

Here you can find a step by step guide to help you write the perfect bride speech, a selection of exclusive wedding toasts and quotations, hilarious one-liners along with lot of tips and tricks to overcome stage freight and deliver your speech confidently.