Secrets to Planning Your Dream Wedding on a Budget



Are you recently engaged? Is the idea of planning your wedding already starting to fill you with fear? The cost of a wedding can indeed be a frightening, daunting prospect. You might have certain dream wedding scenarios in your head since childhood – but the realities of cost seem to make them impossible. Here are some tips for planning an amazing wedding on a budget:

1. Create a budget

The best way to start saving is by opening a separate bank account for wedding funds. Ideally, you could open a free savings account that allows transfers from your checking account. With the funds in their own account, it will always be clear how much is available and what your max budget is – no temptations to dip into the money you need to live day-to-day.

2. Sugar daddy

An option many people don’t think of is sponsorship. In exchange for free advertising at your event, certain companies will provide their products or services for free. This could be anything from cakes, dresses and food to alcohol and limo services. You could offer them a mention in your speeches, a physical advertisement on-site at the party or a shout-out on social media when you upload the wedding photos.

3. Invitations

Nobody needs a traditional printer for invitations these days. Printing invitations can be extremely expensive and, at the end of the day, we’re talking about a piece of paper that gets thrown out by everyone – except maybe your mom. In this case, saving money does not mean having to compromise on quality and aesthetics – there are so many DIY design software programs out there. Alternatively, websites like Etsy offer personalized invitation options at lower costs.

4. No gifts

Forgo a traditional wedding registry and simply expect guests to give cash gifts. The money you collect can be used to pay off your wedding expenses or for a honeymoon.

5. Teamwork

Make use of your friends whenever you can. You might have friends or acquaintances who are DJs, photographers or musicians. Tap into these relationships and you could save a lot of money. If you have certain skills that could be valuable to another person, or a business that provides a service (graphic design, cleaning, delivery, hair care, etc.), you can set up some sort of barter deal instead of shelling out precious cash to the vendors at your wedding.

6. Travel for free

If you sign up for a credit card that gives back points or rewards with affiliated airlines and hotel companies, and then use that card to charge all your upcoming purchases – including wedding-related expenses – you might just be able to travel for free, on points alone, by the time everything is said and done.