Patty Stanger’s New Dating Guide: ‘The Single Girl’s Handbook’


970x250-ps-v2Are YOU sick and tired of bad dates and disappointing relationships?

Tired of getting emails from losers, players and other douches looking to hook-up?

Do the guys you really like never ask you out for a second date?

Want to get off the dating roller coaster?

If you want to know how to find and keep ‘The One’, you have to go watch the amazing new dating advice video Patti Stanger (Yes! Bravo TV’s own Millionaire Matchmaker) just released.

(Click here to watch it now)

It’s called ‘The Single Girl’s Handbook: How To Find And Keep The One’ and it’s filled with incredible tips from Patti (even ones she’s not allowed to say on TV!).

Patti shows you the 3 reasons why you’re alone, how to end the painful cycle of dead-end relationships and reveals her own personal How to Find and Keep ‘The One’, step-by-step formula. She shows you the exact steps to take to attract your perfect match, flip his ‘monogamy switch’ and not just make him fall in love with you…but make him so obsessed with you so HE begs YOU for a commitment.

Patti gives you the straight truth about what you’re doing that’s turning men off,  the number 1 quality great, commitment-ready men LOOK FOR in love and for a serious relationship, and why they never stop gravitating toward these women…

Whether you’re single, in a relationship or dating you have to watch this now:

PS – If you’ve ever seen Patti, you know she would never hold back anything. Go learn the shocking truth here!