The Secret to “Reading” How He Really Feels About…


infidelidadA new book on men and dating will change the way you think about men, says bestselling author Michael Fiore. His new eBook, Secret Survey, reveals why men lie to you from the first moment they start to talk to you. Every last one of them!

Maybe that’s not a huge surprise to you, but it definitely surprised us to think that there isn’t one guy out there that we could trust. But what Secret Survey says is that these lies are so subtle, and so ingrained into the nature of who men are, that they might not even realize that they are lying while they are doing it.

That means trying to ask a guy to confess to this will get you nowhere. He’ll say he’s not lying, and chances are he’s being honest even though he’s wrong.

How did Michael Fiore figure all of this out? He’s not the only guy out there divulging his secret. These aren’t things that guys willingly told him. It took creating a secret survey—the same survey the book’s title references—to subtly pry the answers out of guys. What they told Michael shocked even him…

What is it that really goes on in the mind of the average male?

It turns out that what men aren’t being honest about are the things that they desire. Even the guys you may trust the most—even the ones you love—aren’t being honest about what they wish women could just give them. And it’s not just sex, either (though that does play a HUGE part in it).

So if men are always lying, and that is the cause of all of your relationships woes, what are you supposed to do about it?

Secret Survey offers you a kind of x-ray vision: the ability to see the truth that exists inside of him, no matter what kind of lies he tells you. This is about finally getting a chance to make a relationship work, or to save one from being destroyed. Knowing what is really going on in his head means being able to avoid getting hurt. And doesn’t that happen enough?

If you’ve been through a few relationships and you’re still trying to find one that works, you know that something has been missing: honest answers. To find out what is really on his mind, read Secret Survey.