How to Really Turn Your Romantic Partner On


We all want to be attractive to others, especially our romantic partners.

While most of us assume that being attractive is all about our looks, clothing and perfume, this way of thinking misses one very big element: self-confidence.

The most attractive thing about a person is their own love of themselves and confidence in showing it. All the hours spent dieting, waxing, and buying the trendiest new clothing is all well and good, but almost worthless if we lose contact with our perceptions of ourselves. The obsessive effort to gain attraction from someone else, ironically, causes us to be much less attractive to others. When we become so focused on our partners and trying to keep up an unrealistic level of desirability, we often forget how great we already are. Self-confidence can often be elusive. Here are five tips to help you get back in touch with your own self-confidence and self- appreciation:

1. Recognize

Before we can attract others, we must first appreciate our own selves. You should recognize, right now, who you are, who you want to be in the future. Don’t fool yourself. Don’t make excuses. Don’t forget that whoever you are at this moment in time is fantastic. You also have the power to become whatever you desire. If you do not first settle your own self-image, you are not truly appreciating yourself. Make self-reflection a priority in your life. Set goals for yourself and go for the gold. When you are aware and confident in who you are, people will notice it.

2. Focus attention

Whenever you get flustered, anxious or nervous, practice bringing your attention back to a calm place within yourself and your body. When you are present and focused within yourself – instead of constantly focused on someone else, like a puppy dog – you are a very powerful force.

3. Excite yourself

This is not about sexuality. Start to notice when you feel most exciting, interesting and happy with yourself. These moments should act as a guide. When do you feel the most passionate and fulfilled? When you know what turns you on the most about yourself, you know exactly what you should portray to another person about yourself. Show people what excites you and they will see a very engaging, attractive individual. They will want to be near that energy.

4. Keep it real

The real you is the most attractive you. Keeping up appearances or worrying about lies or expectations will never let the true you shine. Extreme self-confidence is the most appealing quality in an individual. It’s a powerful magnetism that attracts others. It takes courage and impresses people. Be your true self whenever you present yourself.