How to Prevent an Affair



Anyone who’s ever dated or married a man knows that there is probably no way to guarantee that he will not stray, be it in a minor or highly problematic way. These days, the Internet provides countless more temptations in front of a guy’s eyes, (as if there weren’t enough to begin with). Put in a positive way: all women would like to keep their male partners interested in their partnership and attracted. While cheating might have nothing to do with the faults of a female partner or the connection between the parties involved, it can, sometimes, be connected to weaknesses in a relationship. Here are some tips you can try to prevent wandering eyes, hands and other body parts:

1. Keep it in the family

When waters get rough in your marriage or relationship, try to resolve the issues at hand with your partner, as opposed to bringing a third party into the mix.

2. Get what you give

If you notice a behavior or trait that your partner is missing, before filling out a complaint form, make sure that you are qualified to do so. Are you bringing enough of that particular quality to the relationship?

3. Daily grind

It’s easy to get caught up in the daily stresses of life and neglect our romantic relationships. It can sometimes take concerted effort to grow the intimacy, passion and emotional closeness in a marriage or relationship. Do not let yourself lag too far behind – make sure that you and your partner have some quality time, in bed or at the movies, on a regular basis.

4. Change it up

Often, we and our relationships fall into repetitive patterns of behavior. Daily and weekly schedules become routine and unexciting. One of the keys to keeping a relationship engaging is to switch things up, be spontaneous, and surprise your significant other. Get creative!

5. Forget Walt Disney

Stop being preoccupied with the fact that your relationship doesn’t resemble the ones you’ve seen on television or in movies. Life isn’t a scripted motion picture – it’s a struggle. The man who will make you happy might not look like the Prince Charming you pictured when you were young and your relationship will not be a paradise, if paradise involves perfection and a complete lack of problems. Happiness has many faces and comes in many forms.

6. Self appreciation

Feel great about who you are. If there is some issue which is making you feel less than great about yourself, fix it as best as you can. Cultivate self-confidence – it’s contagious and will simply make any situation better the more it affects it. People who are self-confident make better decisions and address any challenge with a healthier approach.