Heading For A Divorce? What You Can Do To Save Your Marriage


divorceYou have lots of reasons to end your relationship and leave your husband. Neither of you are happy. It keeps getting worse. If it wasn’t for the kids it may have been over a long time ago. If you feel like this, you’re not the only one. Thousands of marriages end in divorce every year. Lee Baucom wants to put a stop to that statistic with his new program Save The Marriage.

Time after time, Lee has met women who have had their finger hovering above the green button on their cell phones, ready to make that call to a divorce lawyer. For Lee, this failure state is tragic, in part because it is so avoidable. His new program says it can show you how to save your marriage and avoid the bitterness and acrimony of divorce.

The sad reality is that when bad things happen in a relationship they can’t be taken back. Fights, insults, and infidelities are irreversible, but those things don’t have to destroy marriages. Save The Marriage is not about rewriting the past, it’s about moving forward, correcting harmful behavior, and recovering what has been lost—the love two people once shared.

Consider the alternatives. At anywhere from sixty to a hundred dollars a session, couples counseling therapy can cost as much as $15000 if you stick to it for more than a year. And there’s no guarantee that that money will save the relationship. You may wind up deciding that the best way to save each other is to separate and all that money you spent on therapy designed to keep the marriage together will be lost. The cost of going through a divorce just begin at around $30,000. Divorce takes an emotional toll on you, your husband, and your family that is higher than any dollar amount.

Save the Marriage is designed to do exactly what its name says. It doesn’t want to hold your hand as the two of you come to terms with the end of your relationship, it settles for nothing less than making sure that the bonds between the two of you don’t fail.

Through multiple modules, Save The Marriage teaches you mistakes to avoid when your relationship gets to a crisis state, the keys to making a marriage work, relationship self-diagnostic tools, the reasons why marriage counseling fails, how hard work isn’t a cure-all, and the right emotional approach to repairing the damage. Just from the introduction, you can tell that Lee Buacom has invested a lot into making sure that your relationship doesn’t end in divorce the way that so many others have. What that means is that there still is hope.

If saving your marriage is important to you, don’t call a lawyer: try Save The Marriage.