Get Your Ex Back With These Magical Texts!


message-subjectDid you recently break up with a loved one and keep hoping they will call and take you back? Have you tried everything from calling to texting to stone walling to gift giving to get your ex back, and nothing worked? Are you on to dating other people, but still dreaming about that one that got away? Well then, this book is the solution to all your problems.

Michael Fiore, an expert in relationships, appeared on the Rachael Ray Show, several other talk shows, and many radio talk shows, wrote an ebook about how to send those magical texts to get your ex back.

Rachael Ray said “He’s not even mine and he sent chills down my spine” at Fiore’s romantic texts.

He states that the three things everyone should do in order to get their ex back are:

  1. Erase bad memories from the end of the relationship. Remind him of the woman he fell in love with. It is crucial to realize that the relationship you had is dead and will never come back. See this as an opportunity to hit the Reset button and get it right this time!
  2. Make the man you want feel understood, safe, and not judged. Make him feel comfortable being the man he is and accepted.
  3. Seduce him. Cut past his rational mind into his sexual and emotional brain, past all the fights and thoughts he already has about you.

Some things Michael Fiore insists you should NOT do are:

  1. Do Not call him and leave rambling messages
  2. Do Not write long and emotional letters he may not relate to.

What do you do? You need to send him a text message that will crawl into his mind and he wont be able to do anything but respond. And Michael Fiore teaches you exactly what that text should be!

His new book is filled with examples of simple and powerful texts that have been specially designed and proven to work. They can create an intimate channel between you and your beloved, where no one can interfere.

“when you use it right, texting is like an emotional Trojan Horse.”

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But in this book, Fiore doesn’t just give you step by step texting instructions of what to do in each situation. He gives you the type of texts to send, and explains why they work. Here are some of the “types of texts” that Michael Fiore teaches about.

  1. The Best of the Relationship Texts – mentally transport your man back to the best times you ever had together.
  2.  Intimacy Booster Texts – make your man open up his heart and give him the emotional support his is craving.
  3. The Green Eyed Monster Texts – teaches you how to use positive jealousy to have him ready to fight for you and feel desperate for your attention
  4.  Emotional Honesty Texts – get your boyfriend to say how he really feels over text without worrying about stumbling over his words or coming on too strong. The author considers this the “nucleur bomb” of ex boyfriend seduction
  5. Across the Bow Texts- are the kind of texts that your ex just cannot ignore and will have to respond to.
  6. Text Judo – is what the author refers to as using your boyfriend’s (or ex-boyfriend’s) existing emotions against him to wake up the love and desire that he still feels for you.

With this book, you will not get your old relationship back. What you will get back is the man you love, in a healthier, improved, more open relationship which will mean improved sex life as well.

Of course, you’re wondering, but what if it doesn’t work on him? What if he does not respond? Well, Mr Fiore provides a whole module within the e-book on what to do whether he does not respond.

But it does not stop there. Let’s say you get your love of your life back – what next? How do you make sure it keeps going and you do not break up again? Don’t you worry because Michael Fiore includes an entire section on what to do after you get him back. He will teach you how to develop and upkeep this new and improved relationship you have gotten yourself into.

This is currently the top program in its field and has gotten fantastic reviews!

text your ex back smallText Your Ex Back, and three bonus materials, are all provided in e-book format so that you can easily access the information from your many electronic devices, from your computer to your tablet or smartphone, and even listen to the audio versions while on your ipod, at the gym, or in the car!

If this program does not work for you, you do have a 60 day money back guarantee, so you can always return it. Why not try it out, and give true love a second chance with this program? You can stop feeling like he was the one that got away, and start being happy again!

If you want to find out how to get your ex back with texts, Watch This Video!

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