5 Ways To Achieve An Irresistible Dating Profile


20140828-01fAlong with the new year come new beginnings, and singles all over the world are hoping for one of those beginnings to be new love. Online dating sites are now one of the most popular ways to meet singles. And with thousands of dating sites out there, the outlets to find love online are certainly there, and booming at that. Finding love online should be a cinch, yet some people still struggle with it. What these people don’t realize is that their problem is right in front of their eyes, and very easy to solve…their problem is their dating profile. A recent study of over 4,000 dating profiles done by Zoosk has discovered how to fix these problems, how to improve odds of receiving messages, and how to get more replies to messages sent. Here are

5 Ways to Achieve An Irresistible Dating Profile: 

1. Describe your hobbies

Describing your hobbies and personal interests can lead to more messages, and more activity on your dating profile. Online dating users who mention exercise in their dating profiles receive 21% more messages, and users who mention an interest in music and musical skills get 15% more messages. All of the artists out there get 6% more messages, and bookworms get a whopping 21% more messages!

2. Show it all off

People often mistakenly choose a head shot for their main photo. However, while there’s nothing wrong with a close up of your pearly whites, online dating users who show their entire body in their profile photo receive more than three times the messages of the average user. They also see a 33% improvement in receiving responses to their messages. Save the head shots for other parts of your profile, and put it all on display for your main pic.

3. Check your spelling

Bring out all of your writing and grammar skills when you’re constructing your online profile, because apparently people like proper English. And no short cuts either! Use a “teh” “cuz” or “b4” in a message, and you will instantly turn the receiver off, making it 13% less likely that you will get a reply. Women are sticklers when it comes to this, because for men the response rates drop by a drastic 27%. Don’t forget about punctuation…

4. Make sure you’re alone…

DO NOT include anyone in your photo, including your beloved pet chihuahua or fluffy kitten. People who include friends or pets in their photos see a huge drop in responses to their messages. Those who bring their dear pets into their profile photo get 53% fewer messages, and 12% fewer responses to the messages they send. Having a human in the photo is nearly as bad. Profiles with main photos with more than one person, lower their chance of receiving an incoming message by 42%. People aren’t interested in dating your pet…they’re interested in dating you.

5. Keep your cool

The prospect of finding love is very exciting, but make sure you keep your cool. Users who come on too strongly experience a significant decline in replies received. Use the word “sexy”, “hot” or “cute”, and you’re 44% less likely to receive a reply

The Power of Words:

While there are some words that turn prospective matches off, there are also words that do the opposite. According to a study conducted with okCupid and Match.com, there are actually certain words that are proven to make you seem more attractive to other users.

Top 5 Attractive Words Used By Females: 

1. London

2. NYC

3. Yoga 

4. Surfing 

5. Athlete

Top 5 Attractive Words Used By Males: 

1. Surfing 

2. Surf 

3. Yoga

4. Skiing

5. The Ocean

Yoga and surfing, as it turns out, are keywords that are attractive for both men and women alike. By far the two most popular cities mentioned were London and New York. In terms of pop culture, it looks like people are on board with the experts. “Arrested Development” and “Homeland”, two critically-acclaimed TV shows were the most popular, and the classic “Pulp Fiction” and “Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind” stole the spotlight in the film category.

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