Can a Penguin Tell You How to Make a Man Fall In Love With You?


manslavePenguin Method claims that programming guys is just as simple as programming computers. Does it really work? We checked out The Penguin Method to find out if a psychological trick really can make a man fall in love with you.

Say you’ve been finding it harder and harder to meet men that show any interest falling in love with you, you may be ready to give up. It could be any number of reasons. Age, weight, looks, money: none of it matters. The Penguin Method says that any woman can use this psychological technique to turn a man into a boyfriend.

The technique it uses is called neurological reliance and used over time on a guy it will give you total subconscious control over his thoughts and feelings. It’s a psychological loophole, so to speak. Inside of every guy’s brain, evolution has built a switch that is designed to make him go out of his way to make you feel loved, protected, safe and completely taken care of. All you have to do is learn how to turn that switch on.

Now a word of warning. The Penguin Method warns that once you do this, he may not be able to function without you. In studies using student researchers this method has shown that men become completely dependent on their partners for all their most basic emotional and physical needs. That means you can literally handicap him in his day-to-day life if the two of you are not together.

We were impressed by the range of options you get for a dating program. It works on any type of device whether you’re on your computer or using a phone or tablet. The community membership offer lets you get in touch with other people just like you who hoping to finally work their way into happy relationships. And that sense of friendship you aren’t going to find other places on the internet, which let’s face it, can be outright hostile to women.

However, some women may have a problem using a method like this. They may not believe that love comes from manipulation. But where does love come from? If love is as mysterious as the old songs always say, who can tell if the penguin is wrong or not? Loneliness can drive a person to do so many desperate things. If you really think that you’re going to be by yourself for the rest of your life, finding a partner no matter the cost is a priority. If self-care means using a method that seems a little bit questionable, isn’t that better than letting yourself suffer? It’s an interesting question that The Penguin Method raises. It doesn’t necessarily answer that question, but it gives you the means to figure it out for yourself. You’ll have the ability to use this on a guy—whether you choose to try it or not is up to you.

If you want a man to need you and love you, try learning the Penguin Method today.