5 Signs You’ve Transformed Into Bridezilla


1. Eloping

You may find that your fiancé has casually begun joking about eloping. If this is the case, you’d be wise to take an objective look at your behavior and the situation around the wedding planning. Is your partner feeling overwhelmed? Excluded? Simply scared by your behavior? Sometimes it takes a reality check from someone else to know it’s time to reign in your pre-wedding madness. Remember, weddings should be fun and enjoyable.


2. Skipping meals

If you’re skipping meals either for weight loss purposes or in order to sneak extra wedding-planning errands into your daily schedule, you’re on a crash course! Skipping meals is bad news for your mood and well-being, and will most likely exacerbate your anxiety and stress. Don’t make a habit of skipping your lunch break, or limit it to once or twice a week.

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3. Like a virgin

If your once sexy bedroom-life has turned into a mortuary scene since you’ve started planning the wedding, there’s a problem. Whether because of stress and over-tiredness or constant arguing, if you’re experiencing a wedding-related dry spell  you need to analyze what’s going on. Your late night private time in bed might be better be spent getting intimate with your partner instead of watching another wedding-related reality show!


4. Doubt and Indecisiveness

If you find that you:

  • Cannot come to final decisions
  • Doubt all of your choices
  • Repeatedly change plans
  • Neglect tasks despite looming deadlines

You’re probably extremely overwhelmed and would be wise to take a step back and small break. Consider seeking some assistance and advice from your loved ones.

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5. Fun is gone

If the process of wedding planning has become more stressful than fun, there’s a problem. The equation is as simple as that.