18 Things You’ll Always Miss about Your Ex-Boyfriend




Your ex was a loser, but at least you could always trust him to discover the coolest new songs or pick you up when you needed a ride. When a relationship goes sour, sometimes it’s more of a relief than a tragedy. However, a lot of times we wind up missing certain things about being in a relationship, even if the other half of that relationship was a jerk! Here are 18 things a girl will always miss about an ex-boyfriend:

1. His oversized sweatshirt
You spent entire weekends lounging around in that thing. Besides being comfy, it smelled like him – the best part.

2. Spooning
Somehow, even the worst guy can often have the perfect shape for spooning – which has been scientifically proven to be the cutest way to sleep.

3. The best friend who secretly hit on you
When your lousy boyfriend was too busy watching the football game or tracking down a hard to find copy of the newest Playstation game, you could always bet on his best friend to flirt with you when nobody was looking.

4. His cool relative
Even better than a great boyfriend is a boyfriend with a great family. You might’ve genuinely enjoyed visiting his mom, who baked delicious cookies or was just very cool in her own way. Alternatively, he might have been raised by obnoxious trailer-park trash that was too offensive for an MTV reality show. In which case, be happy to have avoided that shotgun wedding.

5. That place where you guys always hung out together
Whether it was a smoke-filled cafe, park bench or sex club, “your spot” was your favorite place and will always be special.

6. The rent-free second apartment
Crashing at your boyfriend’s place (although maybe it wasn’t as hygienic as yours) was always a fun time, as long as you didn’t find some other girl’s bra or used condoms lying around.

7. His smell on your pillow
Smells can bring back memories and positive associations – even if your ex wasn’t as complex or interesting as the scent itself.

8. Late night phone calls
A night time talk, which somehow stretched on for hours, sealed with a long-distance kiss, was like nature’s Ambien.

9. His dog
Why is is that the worst guys always have the sweetest dogs?!

10. The one dish he knew how to cook
It’s not shocking that you have no desire to eat lasagna anymore. It was the one thing that he knew how to make really well.

11. Birthday gifts
Although he might not have gotten it right every time, it really was the thought that counted (and the exchange/return policy).

12. Traveling
Okay, so you two might not have made it further than a low-budget road trip or spring break in Cancun, but being with someone you care about in a new place is always exciting. The sex under the waterfalls wasn’t too bad either.

13. Inside jokes
It was nice to have the little jokes that only you two understood, even though he made you cry plenty of times too.

14. The stuff he knew – that you didn’t
The extra help on a last-minute work project or deciphering the news so that you didn’t sound like fool, was nice.

15. A free chauffeur
Whether he was riding in a Mercedes Benz or hand-me-down old jalopy, it was nice to get free rides whenever you needed them.

16. The nook
The shockingly comfortable place where arm meets chest. Better than any pillow on the market.

17. The friends you cannot steal
How is it possible that such a bad guy had such cool friends, who you got to know over drinks, movies and delicious meals?!

18. His taste in music
How did he spot the cool songs and hippest indie-bands before anyone else, including Spotify?! You’ll miss the street-cred that came with the inside track to the next YouTube music sensation.