15 Things You Promise not to do Once You’re in a Relationship



We all know the feeling. One of our closest friends starts dating a guy, which turns into a relationship and then…poof! The friend either disappears off the face of the earth, turns into another person altogether, or both! We all have the friends that, once in a relationship, adopt all sorts of obnoxious behaviors: using baby-names, random hand holding, etc.

You don’t want to be that girl. Ever. You don’t want it to ever come to the point where you have neglected your best girlfriends for weeks. The girl who, when she does hang out with her friends, keeps it to a two-drink minimum. You don’t want to lose your independent, neo-feminist attitude and become a smiley-sending victim of love. Here is a list of 15 things you will NEVER DO once you’re in a loving relationship with the guy of your dreams:

1. Stop meeting your best girlfriends for weekly life-update and gossip sessions

2. Stop having drinks on nights out because it’s not as “fun” without your boyfriend around

3. Stop telling funny stories about sex

4. Stop staying out “late” with the girls

5. Go out with the girls, but spend the whole evening texting with your boyfriend

6. Stop working out, even though you enjoyed it and the results it brought

7. Use cutesy pet names all the time, around normal humans

8. Kiss your boyfriend wherever and whenever you want

9. Wear red clothing on Valentine’s Day

10. Send all your friends screenshots of your Snapchat conversations with your boyfriend. Nobody cares!

11. Ask your friends what you should cook for him tonight

12. Assume your boyfriend is invited everywhere

13. Miss girls’ trips

14. Not keep up with your favorite TV shows because he doesn’t like them

15. Only hang out with other couples