13 Signs You’ve Found Your Forever Partner 


mota_ru_0021212-cropMillennials have been raised in a culture of independence, self-sufficiency and open-mindedness. Unlike previous generations, young people these days feel less pressure to get married at a young age. That said, when you’ve met the right person, why wait?! If you’re in a relationship and you’re trying to figure out whether your partner is the one, here are a few tips:

1. Physical chemistry 

Physical and sexual chemistry are a major building block of a lasting intimate, monogamous relationship. When you feel a strong sexual attraction, it’s obvious. These sensations don’t come around every day and are easily missed.

2. Approval

If your friends and loved ones like your partner, it’s a seal of approval from the people who know and love you the best. If they’re hesitant and less than enthusiastic, you’d be wise to ask for their advice – what might they be seeing that you clearly can’t?!

3. Listener

Your partner shows a genuine interest in your life and its goings on. If you find him or her listening to you sincerely and often, you probably have a keeper.

4. Change

If you feel like being with your partner has caused you to improve as a person, that’s a great sign. Maybe your relationship has pushed you to learn more, take on new challenges, or simply become more responsible or open-minded.

5. Freedom

A truly loving partner and good potential partner will give you freedom and not try to encumber you, your free time, or your success. A relationship is not a prison, and without personal space it will not last in a healthy way.

6. Family ties

The old adage goes, “You don’t marry a person, you marry a family.” It’s quite promising if you get along with your partner’s family. It will bode well for future holidays, special events, and even tough times.

7. Details

If your significant other remembers the little things – birthdays, your favorite ice cream flavor, you mom’s surgery – it’s a really good sign.

8. Love

While feelings of love are highly personal, subjective and hard to quantify, you know it when you feel it.  The feeling of being loved and being able to give love are the foundation stones of a serious relationship.

9. Laughter

Laughter is life’s best medicine. If you find that you and your partner laugh a lot and seem to be able to entertain each other without too much effort, you clearly have a working connection.

10. No secrets

A healthy relationship should have minimal secrets or lies, whether they be related to the past, finances, previous relationships, or future plans.

11. Goals

Well-matched partners will share similar life goals and be progressing at similar rates. If one person in a relationship wants to be nomadic and the other wants to settle down on a farm, it’s highly likely that the partnership won’t last too long.

12. Forever

Try and picture yourself living day in and day out with your partner, forever, through tough, ugly, smelly, annoying experiences. How would a life spent together 24/7 look to you? This exercise can tell you a lot about your desire to really wind up with your partner.

13. Fair fight

Couples will always have fights and disagreements. A good indicator of the respect and mutual affection in your relationship is HOW you fight. Of course, healthy disagreements should not involve violence, verbal abuse, or demeaning or belittling behavior.