Top 5 Christmas Gifts for Her!


Family_Christmas_fun_094_042The sound of sleigh bells and comforting smell of warm spiced cider simmering on the stove top are getting stronger as Christmas approaches. And with Christmas decorating in full swing, it’s clear that Christmas is really right around the corner. What does that mean? It’s time to finish off that holiday shopping list.

Shopping for females can be challenging. How do you know what they want? What they like? Where should you even start? But this season, there’s no need for stress. Eliminate all of the worry and confusion surrounding gift shopping for her. Whether it’s for your girlfriend or your mother, or even a colleague, these 5 gifts are sure to have the person on the other end thankful that they have you in their life this holiday season.

Top 5 Gifts for Her

1. iPad Mini:

The iPad Mini is the quintessential Christmas gift this season. You simply can’t go wrong with Apple products. The iPad Mini has a retina screen making checking e-mails, video chatting, or even watching a movie a highly enjoyable experience, free of glare. The mini is also an incredibly convenient size, small enough that it can be slipped into a purse, and light enough that you won’t even know it’s there. Choose the iPad in snowy-white, perfect for the winter season.

2. Menu Louise Christ Jewelry Tree:

This year, purchase a gift that is both beautiful and practical with the Menu Louise Christ Jewelry Tree. Women are constantly looking for their jewelry, whether it’s the ring they took off before doing the dishes, or the necklace that they put to the side and just can’t seem to locate. This jewelry tree is an elegant solution. The modern jewelry stand is stainless steel and will look great in every room, while preventing her from losing her jewelry at the same time. Unlike typical jewelry boxes, this piece both stores jewelry, and shows it off with a classy display.

3. Laura Mercier Fresh Fig and Honey Bath:

As the temperatures drop, all women enjoy relaxing and warming up in a soothing bath. Give her bath an upgrade this year with Laura Mercier’s bath collection soaps. The soap will leave her skin feeling soft and smooth, and will make bath time an unforgettable experience. The appearance and packaging of the gift are sure to impress, with beautiful soft lavender soap, and a quaint honey dipper to it’s side for a unique way to use it.

4. Diptyque 3 Winter Candle Set:

Another perfect way to keep warm when winter hits is with calming scented candles. French candlemaker Diptyque is known for their delicious-smelling and high end candles, which are truly a must in any 21st century home. These candles will add romantic flare to any room with the candle holder’s vinatge-inspired and clean design. You can choose to burn each candle individually, or all three for a unique scent. The candles come in three scents: Feu de bois, Pomander and Opopanax.

5. Jawbone Jambox Mini Wireless Speaker:

Both smaller and more powerful than the one before it, Jawbone’s Jambox Mini is the go-to speaker this season. The speaker will play her favorite holiday tunes wherever she goes, from her cellphone, her iPad and her computer. Available in a wide range of fun and funky colors like purple, turquoise, orange and many more, it will even fit into her back pocket!

These are the gifts she really wants this year.