18 Great Gifts for Kids This Holiday Season!


как-да-декорираме-само-за-коледа-1024x640Holiday season can be a very stressful time, and as adults far away from the world of children, it is sometimes difficult to figure out what they may want and enjoy. Where are the good old slinkies and play-dough? What kinds of books do they read? Do they still play with action figures?

We have created a list with some ideas for great gift options for children from age 6 to 13. From the classic board games to the high-tech of today, we hope you find something on the list to help you figure out what to get your loved ones this holiday season.

For the Musically Inclined Child:

There are quite a number of options to purchase as gifts for the musically inclined child. From karaoke machines to video games to music boxes, the variety is endless. But we chose these gifts that are unique, fun, and educational.

1. The Ukulele:
It is pleasant to the ears and sized just right for younger kids who are just not ready to handle larger instruments. Easily tunable, playable, and healthy fun!
2. “I Can Play Guitar” System:
This easy and fun guitar plugs right into your TV and has the look and feel of a real video game but your kid is learning skills of how to play a real guitar! This Fisher Price game involves four levels through which a player advances based on his or her performance, earning points along the way.

 For the Future Actor/Superhero:

From costumes to microphones to stages to puppets, these kids are into the imagination games.

3. Me in Mind Hero Beanie:
This is an excellent way to keep your kid warm, but keep dressing warm fun! This beanie turns your child into his favorite superhero while keeping him healthy and incognito!
4. Monster Hoodie:

Another great holiday gift is this Monster Hoodie – both a cool costume and an awesome way to keep warm! It even comes with a matching stuffed animal to take with you to show and tell!

Price: $50

For the Little Adventurers and Explorers:

5. DinoBryte LED Headlamp:
Whether it be navigating through a pillow fort or camping in the backyard, it is always important to have a flashlight. Why not keep your kid’s hands free to explore the depths of the basement with this awesome LED Headlamp that is shaped like a dinosaur?? P.S It roars too!
6. Outdoor Explorer Kit
If your kid is a fan of the outdoors, wildlife, and bugs, this kit will help them explore the backyard and learn all about what they love most! The kit includes all the necessary tools for an entomologist (bug scientist) in training, from headlamp, to magnifying glass, to an insect checklist, and more!

For Your Creative Child:

7. Color the Earth:
Your kid can color and learn about geography simultaneously with this inflatable globe!
8. My First Sewing Kit:
This kit includes everything that a seamstress-in-training needs, including pre-cut felt patterns, colorful thread, and simple instructions.
9. Melissa and Doug Deluxe Large Standing Easel:
With three adjustable height positions, this large chalkboard and dry-erase board can grow with your child and folds up easily for storage. It comes with a colorful paint tray, cup holders, and an extra large tray that can hold calk, clips, and erasers.
10. IlluStory:
From Creations By You, allows your child to write and illustrate his or her own hardbound book! The kit comes with special markers and book pages on which your child can create their story, and then you mail these to the publisher in a provided postpaid envelope. The story is then returned to you laminated and bound, with the author’s name, illustration, and book title on the cover. Illustory has won all kinds of awards, including the Oppenheim Toy Portfolio Cold Seal Award, Dr. Toy Best Toy Award, Parent’s Choice Classic Award, and the Family Life’s Best Learning To Award.

For Your Science Loving Young One:

11. American Girl Science Lab Kit:
This is the ultimate science lab kit for your curious explorer. It comes with a pretend moveable microscope, colorful slides, three test tubes, and more! It will give your mini-mad-scientist a the tools to study, research, and explore the unseen world.
12. Gross-Abulary Game:

This board game helps players expand their vocabularies and learn fun, weird facts. Everyone can gather around and play this hilarious game of boogers, farts, and body parts, in this race against time to form the longest sentence. At the end of each round, the winner gets asked a trivia question and the opportunity to tell a joke. It is exciting, educational, interesting, and social!

Price: $16.50

For Your Gadget Loving, Clever child:

13. Top Secret Spy Kit:
I mean…who doesn’t want to be a super secret spy?! This cool kit includes spy glasses, code cards, a flashlight, a secret marker pen, and a fingerprint kit! But a truly skilled spy would know what’s inside the box before it’s even unwrapped.
14. Wizard’s Workshop Puzzle Kit:

If your child isn’t about the spying, perhaps they are about the magic! This kit is filled with wooden balls and blocks, metal rings, and twisting ropes as well as instruction on how to assemble eight bewitching puzzles and a maze.

Price: $36.95

The Action Figure Lovers:

15. The Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Secret Sewer Lair:
This super cool playing kit includes an entire Lair with three levels of ninja surprises including a mini zip-line, booby-trapped false floors, and all four ninja turtles to explore it with.
16. Hot Wheels Car Maker Playset:
Remember when you used to play with Hot Wheels cars along the tracks? Imagine being able to make them yourself! This car maker allows your child to create their very own vehicle super fast! This machine can turn a stick of wax into a fully functioning Hot Wheels car that is customizable with decals that come with. The machine includes cool lights, music, and a voice that explains the steps of the entire car-making process to the kids!

For Your Tech-Savvy Child:

17. Angry Birds:
Now WAIT! Before you assumed that we are saying you should let your child download this application to your phone or iPad – you are wrong. If your child loves the game Angry Birds, and spends their whole day in front of screens, Knex has found a way to bring your child back into the real world, but keep them playing what they love! They have launched the game into real life with this fun, Angry Birds themed building set. Now your children can literally build up a fort with pigs inside, and catapult a doll of an angry bird across the room!
18. LeapPad2:
If you cannot tear your child away from screens, but you want their screen experience to be educational, give them the LeapPad2! It comes with five different applications and you can find an additional 325 on the LeapFrog store! These games are educational and fun, and with 4GB of on-board memory, your kid will have hours of endless fun!

We hope these have fulfilled your needs or at least given you some ideas in the direction of the kind of gift you want to purchase for your little explorer! From board games to old classics, high tech to art, the possibilities are endless!