The Busy Parents Guide To A Digital World – Book Review


???????????????????????????????????????The Busy Parents Guide To A Digital World is filled with the information that many parents are seeking, but it presents it in an approachable manner, without the intimidation that many parents feel when they think of technology.

The main guide sets the groundwork for parents and introduces them to the aspects of technology that kids are using every day. Parents may even be surprised to find out so much about the virtual world of kids all around the world. This comprehensive guide gives parents the foundational tools needed to be a proactive parent in the digital world.

Beyond the comprehensive guide, there are six individual guides and each addresses specific areas of concerns for families. The details that are included not only inform parents about these challenges, but take them step-by-step through specific things they can do with their kids to make using computers, cell phones, iPods, and tablets a more secure experience.

Within the guides parents can find real-world examples of the kinds of situations that kids find themselves in every day – and the dangers that can result. Parents might even have those light-bulb moments where they see their own kids in these examples.

The guides even include printable pages of the PDF files that parents can use with their kids. These include checklists, technology contracts, and more for parents who want a little bit more assistance setting up guidelines with their kids.

Readers will find both the comprehensive and the specific guides to be laid out in a friendly format that is easy to read, complete with graphics and checklists. They not only learn about the dangers kids are facing, but the steps they can take right away to help keep those dangers from their kids.

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