The Baby Names That Will Ensure Your Child is Sexy


The Baby Name Wizard, a blog about everything related to baby names, has published a user-ranked list of the sexiest baby names from its 40,000 name database.

The published survey got thousands of responses and roused a lot of interest from blog fans. Blog owner Laura Wattenberg told Live Science that she saw exotic “supermodel” or “Latin lover” names having a distinct popularity while older, Anglo-Saxon standards were out the door. “One thing that leaps out at you is that we do have a mostly American and English-speaking user base, and Americans still have the image of the Latin lover,” she said.

A bunch of the “sexiest” female baby names come straight from our current fashion runways and Hollywood rosters: “Adriana” (Lima), “Scarlett” (Johansson) and “Chanel” (Iman) are top ranked. The sexiest male baby names had origins in European culture.

The survey also ranked the names that blog followers found to be the least sexy. With this information now available, any parent who calls names their child “Gertrude” or “Dick” are just cruel and insensitive, possibly dooming their children to a life of lonely days and nights – unless they live in Brooklyn or another hipster bastion where unsexy names could probably be considered ironic and, therefore, genius.

Top 10 Sexiest Female Names

1. Scarlett

2. Nicolette

3. Natalia

4. Anaïs

5. Paulina

6. Alessandra

7. Chanel

8. Soraya

9. Adrianna

10. Giuliana

Top 10 Sexiest Male Names

1. Alessandro

2. Lorenzo

3. Rhett

4. Romeo

5. Mateo

6. Dimitri

7. Dane

8. Marcelo

9. Dante

10. Rémy

Top 5 Least Sexy Female Names

1. Gertrude

2. Bertha

3. Agnes

4. Ethel

5. Mildred

Top 5 Least Sexy Male Names

1. Bob

2. Ernest

3. Norman

4. Dick

5. Howard