Spend the Summer Having Fun Without Spending Too Much


summertimeSummer is just around the corner so that means you’re panicking about how you’re going to afford a family vacation this year. But where does it say that having fun means going into debt? Whether you want to escape for a while or stick close to home, there are lots of cheap and affordable things you can do with your family when the weather gets nice. Here are some ideas on how you can spend this summer without spending too much.

1. A Day at the Museum

There is nothing better for your children’s development than giving them a dose of the larger world by paying a visit to your local museum or cultural institution. Art is beautiful and kids love science museums. If there isn’t a museum near you, maybe you need to redefine what you think a museum is. You may be surprised if you haven’t looked around, but there is history all around you. Spend a day taking a tour of your city or hometown’s heritage.

2. Over the River and Through the Woods

That’s right. Grandma’s house. Well, her place or anybody else in your extended family. Instead of paying for a hotel in a city where you don’t know anybody, try to arrange a visit at one of your family members’ houses. It doesn’t even matter if they live in the same area as you—what matters is the closeness you get from being together with the people you love. This usually makes any place suddenly seem like new, even if it’s just around the corner.

3. Volunteer Together

Ready to try something that will not only make your summer fun but also make the world a better place? Try volunteering your family for something that you all believe in! You may have to spend a little bit to get to where it is you need to go, or you could volunteer to help make your local neighborhood better, but either way you’ll feel like your time was spent well. This summer could be life-changing, and not just for your family, but for people who need your help too.

4. Try a House Swap

House Swapping sounds bizarre but it is a more and more popular way for people to visit new places without incurring the costs of living away from home. Sign up at a house swapping website and you’ll be able to find a family who will stay at your place while you take over theirs. Once you get there you don’t spend any of the money you wouldn’t spend living at home, and you get to live someplace totally different. It’s an adventure without ever really leaving the house.