Cyberbullying – Is Your Child The Bully?

homepagecyberbullyingNo parent wants to imagine that their child is a cyberbully. However, the truth is that if cyberbullying is a dangerous trend and 85% of kids in America have been cyberbullied, someone is the bully. 

The Busy Parents Guide To A Digital World takes a realistic look at the rising trend of cyberbullying and speaks about what no parent wants to consider, that their own child might be the bully. This program outlines the characteristics of kids who might more easily become a perpetrator of cyberbullying, including:

  • A child who lacks empathy or compassion for peers
  • A child who struggles with social skills on a regular basis
  • A child who is easily frustrated, angered, or disappointed
  • A child who has difficulty rising above peer pressure
  • And other characteristics

This isn’t a blame game about shaming parents who think their kids are the cyberbullies. The Busy Parents Guide To A Digital World uses a proactive approach for parents, providing a checklist of the things parents can do to help their kids become more respectful users of technology. Some of the things you can do include:

  • Ask your child: What did you feel when you were bullying that person? It is important to understand if the bullying was a result of frustration, immaturity, or something else.
  • Contact your child’s school and have a meeting regarding access to technology. This should also be restricted until amends have been made.
  • Have your child get in touch with his victims. Writing a letter is a good way to start. Make sure that your child understands why he is apologizing and have him ask his victim what he can do to make amends.
  • Contact the parents of your child’s victims. It is important to involve adults, as uncomfortable as this might be, because their children might be hiding from them just how much pain they have been experiencing.
  • Several other steps outlined in the The Busy Parents Guide to a Digital World program.

Cyberbullying is a real threat to our kids! 

The Busy Parents Guide To A Digital World aims to help parents learn strategies and techniques for protecting their kids against cyberbullying, as well as for answering that question: My child is the cyberbully – what do I do?