Chores Kids Can Do

chores.2850It might never be too early to impart a sense of household and familial responsibility on kids. Children as young as two years old are capable of doing things which give them the feeling of contributing. Below is a list of age-appropriate chores that you can have your kids do, with supervision. Of course, these are guidelines and the list should be adjusted to suit your child’s individual capabilities.

2-3 Years Old

1. Wiping down fridge, oven, cabinet doors with wet cloth

2. Throwing garbage in trash

3. Picking up toys

4. Folding washcloths

4-5 Years Old

1. Straightening bookshelves

2. Putting away clean silverware

3. Helping clean bedroom

4. Sweeping kitchen floor with a mini-broom

5. Cleaning up dinner table

6. Folding towels

6-7 Years Old

1. Cleaning bathroom: wiping sink, mirror, toilet

2. Folding laundry

3. Unloading dishwasher

4. Hand washing dishes

5. Inserting and removing clothes from dryer

8-9 Years Old

1. Dusting

2. Vacuuming

3. Taking out trash

4. Weeding garden

5. Organizing cabinets

10-12 Years Old

1. Mowing the lawn

2. Washing laundry

3. Making simple meals

4. Mopping floor

5. Kitchen cleaning

6. Babysitting

7. Cleaning out car

8. Cleaning inside fridge

9. Separating recyclables

13+ Years Old

1. Cleaning bathtub/shower

2. Preparing dinner alone

3. Ironing

4. Washing car

5. Cleaning windows

6. Garden planting/watering