Baby Products New Moms Don’t Need


newbabyproductsIf this is your first baby you are probably finding out that there are baby products that you never even knew existed before you got pregnant. It’s scary to be a new mom and not know exactly what it is your baby needs and doesn’t need. The baby stores will try to sell you things they say are musts, but that will wind up costing you thousands and thousands of dollars.

The truth is that you can start off without a bunch of these so-called required baby items, or maybe pass on them altogether. This is a guide to things you can skip when you go baby shopping.

Pass On It

You won’t need these to keep your baby happy and healthy.

• Changing Table—The changing table is basically a flat surface with a pad placed on top of it for you to change the baby on. The reason you can pass on this? There are probably other flat surfaces you can put a changing pad on top of in your home. The top of your baby’s dresser is a perfect alternative to buying a bulky and expensive piece of furniture for changing.

• Diaper Bag—There is a lot of equipment to carry around when you take your new baby out. You could buy a brand new bag specially designed for the difficult task of hold diapers or you could just put some diapers in an old bookbag instead. You probably have some old bags you aren’t using at home.

• Breast Milk Freezer Bags—If you’re breastfeeding and using a bottle you are going to be pumping to keep your schedule flexible. You could store the pumped milk in a breast milk freezer bag or you could use any old sandwich size storage bag or an ice tray. The freezer

Wait On It

These come in handy, but you won’t need them until your baby is about one year old.

• High Chair—This is going to coming handy…but not for a while. Buying a high chair for a when the baby is still breastfeeding or drinking formula is silly. And early.

• Baby Shoes—Your baby won’t be able to walk for about a year, so you shouldn’t need shoes during that time unless you want to play dress up. It’s actually doctor-recommended for babies NOT wear shoes while they’re learning to walk. Why not wait until then to buy that cute pair of baby shoes?

•Diaper Pail—This one could really go on either list, but if you insist on getting a diaper pail—which are designed to keep the unpleasant smells of dirty diapers out of the air—wait until your baby starts to eat solid foods. There is a marked difference in smell once your baby is off milk or formula. Most babies don’t start to eat solids until six months or later, so you have plenty of time.