8 Ways to Experience Spiritual Childbirth


Birth is one of the most natural experiences in the world – as old as life itself. Women were doing it successfully before there was ever a single self-help book, video or clinic in existence. However, our contemporary culture treats childbirth as a medical emergency: an experience fraught with danger, fear, pain and disruption of our “fun” everyday lives.

What if the depictions we see on TV are wrong? What if we could rediscover the joy in pregnancy and birth that’s innate in the journey?

Here are ten tips to experiencing a happy birth:

1. Embrace the journey

While being born is perhaps the greatest journey of our lives, giving birth is a close second, if not tied. Your birthing experience often reflects your outlook and mood in general: spend your time meditating, relaxing and sharing love and, hopefully, your pregnancy will reflect those activities.

2. Turn off the TV

Selectively choosing which information you read or watch about pregnancy will greatly influence your experience. Be a bit more choosy: don’t simply watch every show, film or YouTube clip related to pregnancy.

3. Envision

If you have a partner, bring them in on this one. Spend some time envisioning how your new family will look and operate. What kind of family unit do you want to have? How will schedules work? Make sure that parenting is a conscious, planned-out transition.

4. Love your baby, before it’s born

Talking to, singing to, reading to or simply feeling your unborn baby will start off a loving relationship that will continue after birth.

5. Train

If you were going to run a marathon, you would get in shape beforehand. Birth is a straining physical experience. You should start cultivating good nutrition, relaxation, exercise, and relaxation as an expectant mother.

6. It takes a village

Find a nearby mentor to provide you with sound, caring advice during pregnancy. This person could be a friend, parent or professional. The support will help you have an easier transition into motherhood.

7. Meet your body

If you have waited until now to become intimate with your vagina, it’s time. Practices like perineal massage can help familiarize yourself with your perineum. Start to explore positions that can relieve pain on your pelvis. Getting to know the organs involved in childbirth will help during crunch time.

8. Trust yourself

Many prospective parents spend hours fretting that they’re not prepared for the challenge ahead. Stop worrying. Being a mother is genetically encoded in your existence. Women with less money, less education and fewer resources have done it before you.