3 Qualities of Strong Mothers


How-To-Be-A-Good-MomSince every person is an individual, every mother will likewise have her own temperament, strengths and personality types. However, among many types, three qualities exist that emotionally strong mothers seem to have in common.

1. Maintaining healthy boundaries

This quality shows itself most pointedly in moments of emotional strain, i.e. temper tantrums. Mothers in these situations can become easily frazzled or stoic.

However, those who remain responsive to the child but detached from the conflict are much more emotionally strong. This type of strong mother understands boundaries and will not cross them in order to “just make it stop!”

Misbehaving children can be extremely stressful, embarrassing (in public) and exhausting. However, one can cultivate a detachment from the high stress moment which includes the realization that a child’s behavior does not necessarily reflect on the quality of parenting it has been given.

Temper tantrums and outbursts can thus be stripped of their power to ruin any given situation and instead, become valuable learning moments.

2. No drama

A strong mother tries to create an atmosphere of serenity and peace in the home, which begins with her responses to dramatic, high-emotion situations.

A mom who creates drama or promotes it, is often seeking attention and fulfillment from her children, a sad and unproductive effort. A mom can be the beating heart of a home, setting its tone and pace.

So, women who have built equilibrium and peace within themselves first, can then radiate it to the whole household.

3. Saying “yes” and “no” When You Mean it

Whether a mother’s true response to children, husbands or friends in any given situation is positive or negative, she must feel confident enough to express it without regret or shame.

For example, offering a “yes” without quiet resentment boiling under the surface. This is the opposite of the passive-aggressiveness that is so detrimental to honest and confident communication.

Of course, there are many more facets to an emotionally strong mothers, but these three are particularly important and noticeable. While they may take time to cultivate, it is undoubtedly worth the effort.