11 Things Only a Sibling Can Understand


22-madison-children-portraits850Siblings are unique in our lives because they can be the most annoying and most important people at the same time. Being an older sibling is a unique experience that only an older sibling can truly comprehend. The role has a tremendous duality – at once you want to exert your own power and role, yet you feel compelled to protect and love your biggest rival. It’s a lifetime filled with annoyance, admiration, arguing, support and mutual understanding. The following is a list of the 11 things that only a sibling can understand:

1. Heavyweight championship

You and your sibling are liable to have the most insane, session of screaming, arguing and cursing. Then, after a few minutes, the two of you are on to another subject and things are back to normal.

2. 100% real

If you ever wanted to know EXACTLY how you look in an outfit, you can trust your sibling to tell it like it is. Sibling honesty is brutal. They’ve seen you at your best and worst – and they’re not afraid to remind you of both.

3. Misery loves company

Any awful family gathering was always more tolerable with your sibling nearby to laugh, cringe, and reminisce your way through it.

4. Nostalgia

There is simply nobody on earth with whom you can have a better walk down memory lane. Your sibling experienced life under almost exactly the same conditions as you and among the same cast of characters.

5. Role modeling

Your parents have always expected you to set a good example for your sibling. Things didn’t always work out the way they had hoped…

6. Growing up

A very unique experience is realizing that your sibling is an adult and no longer a little kid. This moment gives you a lot of perspective on your own life and age.

7. Free therapy

Being a sibling, especially an older one, has cast you in the role of free therapist and advice giver on more than one occasion. You somehow always know what’s best for your sibling. The truth is, you’re happy to help, most of the time.

8. Shadow

Your sibling was somehow always around when you were growing up. Whether on the sofa, at the same school or forced to hang with the same friends. Later in life, you miss having your constant companion around.

9. Professional annoyance

The person who knows you best knows exactly how to press your buttons. Your sibling is capable of annoying you like nobody else – a talent that they never seem to lose.

10. To the death

You may not tell your sibling this on a regular basis, but you would defend him or her with your last breath.

11. No other way

You cannot imagine your life without your sibling and wouldn’t want to have grown up any other way.