Top 5 Do’s and Dont’s For Finding A Job Online


article18339.w_hrLooking for a job is hard and grueling work. Hunting for a job takes a lot of time, discipline, diligence and organization. Trying to balance everything when job hunting can be overwhelming. Luckily, the internet offers many tools to help you with this difficult balancing act. There are many benefits for searching for your job online. The first benefit is there are tons of resources online to help you with your search. In addition, by using job search engines, you can find jobs all over the country, and even internationally. Here are the…

Top 5 Do’s and Don’ts For Finding a Job Online!


  1. Customize Your Resume: It may be the age of the internet, but most employers still require resumes and cover letters, usually in electronic form. Employers also want to see that you have a personal interest in the available position. They look for applicants who believe that they truly are well suited for the job. Customize your resume and cover letter for every position you apply to. Tweak your resume so that it clearly highlights the ways that you are suited for the particular position you are applying to.
  2. Visit Job Search Sites On a Daily Basis:The internet offers useful services which are dedicated to posting jobs, such as With these sites, you can search for general industries, or specific job titles. These sites are very useful for finding jobs via the internet. However, remember there is a lot of competition, and many other people checking these sites as well. Check up on them daily so you can pounce on a job listing before its swooped up by someone else.
  3. Target the Source: Don’t just sit around and wait for jobs to come to you. If you know what you’re interested in doing, figure out places where you would be interested in working, and target those companies or industries. A great way to do this is by contacting their hiring managers. Attacking the job search this way could land you a job in the exact industry you’re interested in working in.
  4. Utilize Job Alerts: You’ll find that most job boards have features which give you the capability to sign up to receive alerts via e-mail about new jobs that match your chosen criteria. You can also arrange an RSS (Really Simple Syndication) feed from one of the job sites to appear on your custom internet homepage. This way, you really won’t miss any new openings, and they’ll come right to you.
  5. Use Job Organization Sites: This is especially important for people who struggle to stay organized, but can be a very useful tool for anyone in the midst of a job search. When job searching, staying organized and remembering everything that needs to be done can be quite the task. Job organization sites such as allow you to collect all of your information in one place, simplifying the process. With these sites you can set tasks and reminders for yourself, set personal goals, and the sites even manage your professional contacts for you.


  1. Be Lazy: If you don’t put enough time and effort into your job search, you won’t see positive results. Take the time to really customize and update your online profiles. Update your skill section on your resume. Network and reach out in order to make new connections that may assist you. Put in the work, and you’re sure to see a positive outcome.
  2. Be Too Proud:You may have held a glamorous and high-ranking position in your old company. You may have been the office big-shot. This can all lead to an inflated ego, which will get in the way of your job search. Don’t let your pride get to you when you’re looking for a new job. You’re not too good to ask for referrals, or to ask around for job opportunities.
  3. Focus on the Green: Your job hunt should never be all about the money. Pay is always an important factor when looking for a job, but never let it be your only requirement. If all you focus on is pay, you may ignore other aspects of the job that will later make you completely miserable. Make sure that you find a job that will allow you to financially support yourself. However, at the same time, you need to ensure that you will be somewhat interested in the content of your work, and happy in your work environment.
  4. Let Your Online Profiles Run Rampant: These days it’s very easy to run a background check, and your recruiters and hiring managers will most likely run them on you. Be sure to keep your online profiles professional. Check your photos to ensure that there is nothing that will shine a bad light on you. In addition, angry posts can also reflect very negatively upon you. Run your name through Google and see what comes up, then make changes accordingly.
  5. Get Careless: Applying for jobs is a very tiring process, but don’t allow yourself to get careless. Sloppy mistakes may cost you a position that you’re really interested in. Don’t apply for positions with qualifications that you lack, it’s a waste of your time. In addition, don’t send the same application to multiple different recruiters without customization. Submitting the same application for different positions in the same company can look bad.

When you’re ready to start searching for your next job, utilize one of the leading job search sites in order to make your process much easier, convenient, and effective. There are many job search sites which are free to join as well as free to use. Some of these sites charge recruiters, and keep the membership free for job seekers. Some may charge a small fee to both parties, a small price to pay for the possibility of landing your dream job.

Look for a job search site with all of the top features, to make your job search a breeze. A search engine with a keyword search that allows you to search by keyword, industry, location, company, and education level, will prove to be very useful. Also look for career advice and assistance services. The art of writing a resume is a tough one to crack, so make sure your search engine of choice offers cover letter and resume writing services. These documents will provide your potential employer with the first impression of you, so you’ll want them perfected. Another helpful tool for such a sight is blogs or forums, where you can share your experiences with fellow job hunters, and learn from theirs. Utilize one of these top job search engines, and you’re sure to land the job of your dreams!

Once you have updated and edited your resume and cover letter, narrowed down your job search, and prepared an organization tool, you need to start the job hunt itself. This means you have to go through job listings and postings every day in search of jobs that fit your criterion.