Stop Getting Upstaged and Find Out How to Sing Better


singbetterYou’ve been practicing and practicing and now it’s your big chance: you’re auditioning for the new musical. But when the singer in line right in front of you gets called and steps up to the mic you suddenly know you’re not going to get the part. You can hear it in her voice right away: perfect pitch, perfect control, perfect range.

The above situation may not have happened to you exactly. Maybe you’re lucky and it hasn’t happened to you yet. Or worse, maybe it happened in front of a whole audience: she had them standing in their seats but you only got polite claps. However you started to doubt your abilities, it doesn’t mean that you should stop singing. All it means is that you need to find a way to sing better.

We checked out the new singing program called Superior Singing Method. Created by master vocal instructor Aaron Anastasi, Superior Singing Method says that if you have the talent, all you need is the right training to break through and start singing like a professional recording artist.

Superior Singing Method has one goal: getting your voice to have that triple threat of perfect pitch, control and amazing range. There is a lot to the program so we can only cover the basics in this review. Unlike most vocal instruction Superior Singing Method doesn’t begin and end with vocal exercises. You get the vocal exercises but you also get step-by-step instructional videos that show you proven techniques that have turned thousands of okay singers into amazing singers.

Part of the method is learning how to target the individual muscle groups that control the different parts of your voice. It’s the kind of training that professional singers and recording artists use all the time—at least, the ones who aren’t cheating with Auto-Tune. It’s all part of what Superior Singing Method calls the 360° Vocal Training Method.

We like that Superior Singing Method gives you a lot more flexibility than private singing lessons. Private lessons cost a lot and they can’t adjust to your schedule. If you’re a student or a busy with a day job, you may not always be able to make it to a class. Not every teacher will be willing to reschedule. That’s why private lessons mean less time singing, and a lot less money.

Superior Singing Method is always ready to teach because it’s all on your computer. Superior Singing Method has 8 vocal-chord boosting modules with over 50 videos that walk you through the whole process, and 31 vocal exercise audio tracks that lay it down for you. Plus, if you change your mind, you get a huge 90-day money-back guarantee.

Overall, we liked Superior Singing Method a lot. It’s ready when you want it, and it won’t cost you much. You can learn how to sing better. Hitting every note with expert precision and control is possible. Get the applause you want and start singing with Superior Singing Method.