How to Change Your Boss’ (or Anybody’s) Mind

141230034621375There are certain methods that smart people use to influence situations and decisions, whether at work or in our personal lives. This does not involve magic, mind-control or anything illegal. The simple way to influence people is through inspiration. When you think differently than others, you will have the upper hand.

A strategy for being a more influential and convincing person has a few simple qualities:

1. Be open minded and receptive

Negative feedback and critique are the building blocks of a great product and one of the signs that a leader is secure and wise. Ask your boss for advice and be ready to learn. You should aim to shape your arguments in a way that inspire your boss genuinely.

2. Connect to people around you and in front of you

People will feel secure in your presence and open to being convinced when they feel that you have listened to them. Furthermore, being kind and nice when debating or confronting someone is the easiest way to their heart.

3. Be solution oriented

Instead of simply opposing an idea, try and present a better, inspired solution. Do not wait to be told what to do.

4. Be bold, don’t wait for verdicts

Being bold and aggressive will show your boss that you believe in your job and care about your own success, as well as that of the company.