Your Fitness Routine Might Be Making It Impossible For You To Burn Off Fat


fatlossMillions of women are locked in a struggle with their bodies that no matter how hard they try they are going to lose because they are doing one thing wrong.

These want to lose weight and get rid of the fat that seems to be permanently glued to their tummies, butts and thighs. They’re trying to accomplish this by doing exactly what everyone has told them they need to do: drastically cut down on calories and work out as hard as possible. But something keeps going wrong. The weight just doesn’t disappear. The reason is simple.

Hormones produced by restrictive diets and intense workouts actually switch on your body’s fat-storing processes.

So the intense workouts and calorie-restrictive diets being offered by some fitness experts are actually contributing to the weight-gain problem they were supposed to resolve. What’s worse, the way that the fat created by this process can be stored in ways that make it impossible for your body to ever burn it off.

Effectively, these workouts turn off the “switch” that controls fat burning. That switch is actually the Beta adrenoreceptor. When switched on, your Beta receptors signal to your body that it’s time to burn fat. However, intense workouts and restrictive diets cause something else to happen: they turn on the Alpha adrenoreceptor. This receptor is responsible for controlling when it’s time for your body to store fat. That’s why intense workouts never seem to touch your stored fat. It’s like running in the opposite direction and wondering why you never show up. It’s also why men don’t seem to have this problem: women’s bodies have a lot more of the fat-storing Alpha receptors than men do. In fact, women’s Alpha receptors outnumber their Beta receptors 9-to-1!

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The Beta Switch was designed to only release hormones that activate your Beta receptors.

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