What You Don’t Know About Eating Peanut Butter Will Shock You

pbEveryone knows that when you’re on a diet there are certain foods that you should stay as far away from as possible to avoid the temptation. What is it about peanut butter that makes it so irresistible when you’re on a diet? Maybe a better question is why you would even want to avoid it. Peanut butter is a great and healthy snack for women to eat, even if you are trying to lose a little weight. Here are some facts about eating peanut butter that are going to shock you.

It’s SO Good for You

Peanut butter has a bad reputation, but it’s all guilt by association. Since peanut butter is an ingredient in all types of cookies and candy bars it seems like it’s just another part of the problem. But look at the facts and you have to ask: How could peanut butter not be good for you? It can have as little as 160 calories per serving, but those aren’t empty calories. You also get with each serving about 2g of fiber and 8g of protein. That means adding peanut butter to a meal helps you meets most of your body’s needs.

The Right Kind of Fat

Peanut butter is fatty. OK, don’t run away. It’s the good, monosaturated and heart healthy fat that you can find in nuts, olives, and avocados. It’s the kind of fat that fights bad cholesterol and helps keep you healthy. What’s important is to remember not to eat too much peanut butter: too much of a good thing isn’t going to help you lose weight. Limit the amount of peanut butter that you eat to about two golf ball-sized scoops if you eat some every day.

Vitamin PB

What else is great about peanut butter? How about 3mg of vitamin E? Vitamin E is an antioxidant that kills the free radicals that lead to premature aging and cell damage in your body. It also contributes to the creation of red blood cells. Peanut butter contains almost 0.20mg of vitamin B6, which is about a sixth of the total B6 adult women under 50 years old should eat every day. For pregnant women vitamin B6 is especially important since it factors into your baby’s brain development and immune system. Vitamin B6 may also reduce all the anxiety and bloating of PMS. Um…awesome!

It Kills Cravings

According to a recent study, if you eat peanut butter early on in the day you can really extend the amount of time that you feel full. Feeling satisfied means that peanut butter will keep you from eating again, possibly before your body really needs to. It’s a kind of snack that fights snacking.

It’s Flexible

Maybe the best part about peanut butter is that you can make it do so many different things. Peanut butter is great for dipping vegetable snacks like carrot, cucumber or celery sticks. And there’s always the classic banana and peanut butter sandwich, just make sure to eat it on whole grain brain.

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