What Two Fat Loss Diet Experts Say Is Ruining Your Diet


boringfoodFat loss diet expert Karine Losier, the Lean Kitchen Queen, and her partner Dave Ruel, who you may also know as the Muscle Cook, are dishing out the truth about misleading diets and cookbooks. They found out why your other fat loss diets have failed in the past, and what you need to do about it if you still want to look great without giving up on the foods that you love.

You’ve tried fat loss diets in the past, yet none of them have ever worked. The first problem that you run into is that you HATE the food that your new diet’s cookbook wants you to eat. It’s boring and it’s tasteless. The second problem is that if the food doesn’t turn you off of the diet, you never seem to actually burn fat using it. All of that horrible food without the payoff of a nice, lean body? Why even bother?

Karin Losier and Dave Ruel noticed this problem too, and they decided that they had to do something about it. You see, Karin was no stranger to struggling with fat loss. She was just like you until Dave taught her all about how metabolic dieting is designed to burn off fat. Knowing that other cookbooks were teaching women anything else was not acceptable for her, or for Dave.

What exactly bothered Karine and Dave about these other fat loss diets and cookbooks? There were three big problems where all of these diets failed: they used all the wrong ingredients, they were structured in horrible ways, and they all would lead to a full shut down your body’s metabolic fat-burning processes. There was no way that any of these diets could work, which means you would throw your life into them and never succeed in burning off fat.

So what are you supposed to do if you can’t trust these other diets? The Lean Kitchen Queen and the Muscle Cook have combined to come up with the solution. It’s called Metabolic Cooking and it presents an advancement in healthy fat burning and weight loss cooking. It turns out that the best way to eat is never boring. You can finally toss out the idea that to look good your food has to taste bad.

Designed to draw you into the diet, Metabolic Cooking makes you excited to get the most of your food while working hard at looking great. It isn’t impossible after all. With Metabolic Cooking you won’t have boring food to use as an excuse. These recipes aren’t the food letdowns that have ruined your other diets. Take one look at the scrumptious pancakes that Metabolic Cooking diet lets you treat yourself to and you’ll start wondering when exactly the diet starts.

Thanks to Karine and Dave, the truth is finally coming out about fat loss diets that don’t work. If you still believe in getting the lean body you want without boring yourself hungry, try Metabolic Cooking.